Feature request: a "genuine" full-screen mode

  • HI, I've found Mac's full-screen mode is very useful and started to wonder whether Vivaldi can be used this way. Each webpage (tab) occupies the whole screen, without a menubar or tabbar or anything. If you bring your mouse cursor on the top of the screen, the menubar (and perhaps the toolbar) shows up. If you swipe the screen or make some gesture on the mouse, you can go to the "next" or "previous" tab. If you make some gesture on the mouse (or trackpad), the tabbar shows up so that you can switch to another webpage (tab) quickly. You can also tile multiple webpages on a single screen. Mac's "tabbar" is really like the tabbar of Vivaldi except it's usually hidden. Mac's "tabbar" even shows "previews" if you bring your mouse cursor over there. Regards, Ryo


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