Minor feedback items

  • Hi, really liking Vivaldi. It has replaced Firefox and Chrome for some of my usage as it consumes far less memory. Compared to Firefox, using the same number of tabs (around 15), it consumes about 1/10 the memory. Compared to Chrome, when I am editing in Gmail it is far more stable. A few minor quibbles, such as it does not handle opening a new popped-out window (Shift-click the arrow and in Chrome it opens a message in a pop out window - in Vivaldi it opens as a tab). There are two things I think can be improved. 1) Option to launch a new tab next to the old tab. Often I am browsing a page and I want to launch a link to a new tab. In Vivaldi it always opens the tab to the last tab location. It would be nice to have the option to open it next to your currently browsing tab. And maybe an additional option to launch but not take focus. 2) I am often repositioning windows on my screen (especially when I switch between docked with additional monitors and undocked). I find it hard to find the best spot to position my mouse in order to drag a window to a new position (in comparison it is clearer in Chrome and Firefox where you can position your mouse for dragging). I end up resizing the 4 sides to move the window. It would be good to be able to have a clear spot to "hold" the window to drag its position. Thanks


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