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  • is there a currently standard meta tag, or perhaps one could be invented here today, where we would define the accent colour that the browser should use for our website rather than sucking it out of the favicon or whatever it is doing? on our site it keeps pulling out this blue colour from our icon which looks like crap with the rest of the site lol >_>

  • What you want is the theme-color meta tag. It allows web developers to give web browsers a hint about the preferred color of things like toolbars or other site-specific UI in the browser. It’s on track to becoming a web standard. Currently, it was been implemented by Chrome for Android for use on toolbars much like Vivaldi does. It would have appeared in Firefox OS too had that project not been discontinued.

    I’ve encouraged Vivaldi developers privately to implement support for the meta theme-color specification 8 months ago. It doesn’t appear to have been implemented yet as of Vivaldi Beta 2.

    Microsoft has a vendor specific alternative that is meant to represent a brand and not be used on UI elements. It has been implemented by the pinned sites on the Windows 8.1 and 10 Start screens through Edge, and the Top Sites list in Firefox for Android. This tag should be considered deprecated in favor of the /browserconfig.xml specification anyway.

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    Wait until next year.

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    The meta theme-color works after you swicth to next tab and back.
    It is a known bug (VB-10506).

  • that is the direction i was looking for yeah, but that meta tag does not currently work for me even with the next tab prev tab trick atm on the latest snapshot.


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