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  • Great job and thanks to the Vivaldi team on making this awesome browser. Firstly some love before I move on to things I would love to see improvements on. 1. the web panel I just love it .. I can't get enough of it remember in opera it used to be rss reader and used to love it. Now love this. 2. tab stacking - enough said 3. tiling the tabs 4. Notes 5. adaptive tab color. Because those where my top features on vivaldi I have some suggestions on them before moving on to the other areas. 1. Web panel- it would be nice if there was a way to go back and forward in the web panels 2. Tab stacking: i. It would be nice if I could remove one tab from the tab stack instead of having to unstack the entire stack ii. Also I noticed that tiling works only when you have the tabs stacked but then I don't want certain tabs to be tiled I can't removed that alone(in a sense relates to point 'i') 3. Tiling: It would be really nice if I can resize the tiles 4. Notes: This I am not sure if you guys would find it interesting or no, but here goes. i.In notes it would also be really really useful if there was a highlight feature just like text. the ability to highlight text on the page and when you open that page again the text should be highlighted. ii. annotation feature.(this can either be like you take the screenshot of the page and give user the ability to annotate or just annotation on the page page somehow [haven't thought that through completely]) the notes feature I understand might be complex and I myself haven't given it complete thought. Now general suggestions: 1. The back and forward mouse/trackpad actions don't work on mac and even when I use logitech mx master mouse. 2.It would be nice if there was a way to create a private tab instead of having to create a new window(this has advantage and disadvantage I guess but still good to have) Sites that don't work on Vivaldi: google sheets: command+k is the shortcut for adding link but is also the shortcut which takes the user to the search bar on vivaldi. Sorry if these suggestions have already been made/or if it is already work in progress. I just wanted to put it out there and be sure that my favorite browser keeps getting better and better. I will try to add more scenarios and suggestions as and when something strikes me. Thanks for reading. keep up the great work Vivaldi team

  • I cannot get the mouse gestures to work either, I'm using a kensington orbit, I'm usually quite good with gestures on it.

    Would be nice if there was a way to override the color for certain sites - let me color code for some of my own sites instead of grabbing hex from the source code, let me chose which from the palette of that site maybe?

    I agree with the removing one tab from a stack, that is a critical thing to be able to do, this needs to be in the release version.

  • Big thumbs up for the session feature but it has rough edges (more on that later in this post)

    Getting right onto the annoyances/ bugs
    1. When you have the "show tab cycler" enabled, if you click on control+tab it opens the tab cycler but if you use the mouse to make selection it opens services popup which is very annoying
    2. It would be nice if there was an option to either open the session in the same window or new window.

  • It would be nice if there was a functionality to actually stop the video/audio instead of muting the tab.


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