Issue report. shortcuts doesn't work while connecting to server or loading

  • Hello, I find an issue under Linux. Here is the description I newly installed my Linux and Vivaldi of latest version. The problem is that the shortcuts doesn't work while the page is trying to connect to the server. For instance, I try to connect to If it is connecting to the server and I am on that page, this page looks like stuck and any shortcut won't work until it starts loading the page. The shortcuts that I typed are remembered and if I closed that stuck page, all shortcuts that I performed before will be executed immediately like Ctrl+W, Ctrl+T, Ctrl+1, 2. But while this page is trying to connect the server, I could move to other tabs by clicking the mouse instead of shortcuts. and when I am on an other page, everything works fine even the page of google is still trying to connect the server. To reproduce this problem, just look for a website which is hard to connect. you will find the problem.

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    It's known. And, indeed, very annoying.

  • Thanks. Hope it could be fixed soon. and also thank you again for your reply to my issue report in Mac system where I still have the shortcuts problem.


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