Syncronization bookmarks on-line?

  • It is possible to synchronize your bookmarks and settings online as it happens on the browser operav12.14? ... If you are in that way I can make on this change to do it? .... Thanks professional answer thanks 🙂

  • I say alone I have seen now on your home page that this feature will come more ahead, thanks

    And 'possible to also previews of the sites taken from the preview of the actual site as it was previously on operav12.14 sites(image2), and .ico favorite bar on the left(image1)?…....Thanks professional answer thanks 🙂

  • Installation and configuration of "Vivaldi browser" I did have to tell you that your browser has many probblem and must not be absolutely fine.(image)
    The differences are huge compared to "Opera browserv12.14"

    1. The browser is very slow to start and navigate.
    2. If I reduce "Section Quick" also it reduces the "Address Bar" and the "Menu".
    3. Missing .ico site bookmarks and synchronization.
      Final Judgement:
      This browser makes just disgusting!
      Slows lot pc, or it takes a lot of resources of the machine to use it.
      Why not solve these probblem please?…....:-(

  • Moderator

    1. Optimisations are being looked now and will receive more love after the first final.
    2. Could not understand.
    3. Once you load the site they will start showing, sometimes it may need a restart or some time to show up. Favicons are stored in the cache and they only show if they are in the cache. The exact same behaviour is in Opera 12.

    Opera 12 was built with in-house Presto engine. Vivaldi uses the Blink/Chromium engine, which is not really good on resources. Presto engine is still a copyright of Opera ASA and thus Vivaldi can't use it.

    PS.: I'm just a user telling what devs have already said through other posts.

  • Ok then, if that's the case then it disgusting this vivaldi…Hi


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