Address bar suggestions: make them language-independent

  • If a language I use uses another alphabet then latin (say Russian) and I start typing something into address bar (say "") and my keyboard is not switched to english, I get "мшмфдвшютуе" (dot is on the same place as "ю" in Russian layout). Basically if the english layout is turned on, what is expected is typing "v" is enough to get the "" suggestion if I have already used the site multiple times. But if I've typed "м" (which is on the same button as latin "v"), no (helpful) suggestion is displayed. So, what is proposed is a) when something is typed into address bar, get [font=monospace]e.which[/font] property from each keyup event and form suggestions based on what-would-be-typed-if-language-layout-was-english. Add those suggestions to the ones generated by the typed stuff, whatever language it is on, b) ultimately, if my OS is used with EN and RU layouts, it would be nice to get suggestions based on what keybaord keys I've pressed, not what keyboard layout is used now, meaning that if "vi" or "мш" was typed, in both cases I get [i]both[/i] suggestions for "vi" [i]and[/i] "мш". (I've seen this behaviour in Yandex.Browser and I must admit, that's very convenient) Best regards, Yakov.


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