Disable animations/effects

  • Is there any possibility to disable animations and fading effects? It is irritating and fast working within vivaldi with mouse is not really possible Maybe reducing delays would already bring better usability.

  • Moderator

    You should point where those are showing and annoying you. You may receive more support then.

  • Seems that last version is a little bit faster but there are still some annoying effects:

    • smooth scrolling … to slow for fast search -> possibility to disable
    • time of show tab preview is to long -> possibility to configure

    Every delay for showing menus or popup shout be to configure and every delay should be to disable.

    Switching between windows could be faster.
    Switching between groups in vivaldi://settings is very slow too

  • Thanks for reply

    • I've not recognized function dynamic scrolling -> disabled -> now it's much better.

    • I thought about switching between tabs … especially when open vivaldi with some open tabs, then switch

    • 😉 maybee i'm too critically, but if internal pages are as slow what will be with pages which have to be loaded over network/web?
      The most annoying thing when switching between groups in settings page is that it seems that page was built up, but correct values will be filled out afterwards


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