Minor Speed Dial issue

  • funny story: today I looked at my speed dials and didn't recognize any of them, so I thought they got somehow altered by ?. After opening 2 of them, I realized they were in fact the correct sites, but looked completely different in the preview, until I realized that apparently there's no adblocker applied, which is why the preview looks not like the full sites when opened. After a couple of reloads, some of the ads disappeared, but a large void was still left on half of the SD preview. Would it be possible to show the previews just as they look when actually opened?

  • Moderator

    Huh, but they do. Try deleting the "Top sites" file from your user folder and then reload your thumbs.

  • Did what you told me.
    SDs got regenerated (from scratch), but they are still filled with ads (again), which dont' show when I actually open the sites.

    So I assume you don't have any ads in your SD previews (if you use an adblocker)?

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    I just tested here and they show up. At least on SourceForge, haven't tested on other sites. The strange thing is that my UserJS do work on the SD thumbs.

  • Ok, thank you for confirming this minor annoyence / inconsistancy.

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