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  • Hum, is there a reason why I can't install any extension from Chrome Web Store ? I don't get any button anymore to install the extension from its page !? I disable my adblocker, still no button anymore ???

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    @GoustiFruit Check your Settings > Privacy, you may have deactivated the internal Google extension Web Store.
    Check your Vivaldi blocker or extensions which cause block of loading content from Google's servers.

  • @GoustiFruit All seems fine here. Maybe some other extension which mess with the store? (some are known to cause issues with g-sites).

  • "No blocking" on my Settings/Privacy page. I'm using AdGuard AdBlocker, but tried to disable it, no change.
    Here is the list of the extensions I'm currently using, none of them is supposed to deteriorate the Chrome Web Page !? (I disables the "possible" suspects, no change at all)...
    2020-12-09 15.50.59 extensions 5a73a3d2d468.png

  • @GoustiFruit Try in private or guest mode which usually disable all extensions. Or maybe the lack of 3rd parties google cookies (you see them with padlock).

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    @GoustiFruit Please, next time post as list of extensions from internal page vivaldi://system

  • OK, here is the list from vivaldi://system...

    bgnkhhnnamicmpeenaelnjfhikgbkllg : AdGuard AdBlocker : version 3_5_23
    eigiefcapdcdmncdghkeahgfmnobigha : Sauce for Strava™ : version 7_0_3
    emhohdghchmjepmigjojkehidlielknj : SimpleUndoClose : version 1_3_11
    gidlfommnbibbmegmgajdbikelkdcmcl : Force Background Tab : version 2_2_0
    jffbochibkahlbbmanpmndnhmeliecah : Vivaldi Picture-In-Picture : version 1_0
    jjmbbhopnjdjnpceiecihldbhibchgek : Watch on LBRY : version 1_6_0
    kmendfapggjehodndflmmgagdbamhnfd : CryptoTokenExtension : version 0_9_74
    lpjfkobpnfgddkikflgejdgclhpmagha : Open PinnedTab Link : version 2_2_11
    mgamelhnfokapndfdodnmfiningckjia : Clickable Links : version 2_4
    mhjfbmdgcfjbbpaeojofohoefgiehjai : Chromium PDF Viewer : version 1
    mpognobbkildjkofajifpdfhcoklimli : Vivaldi : version 1_5
    nbokbjkabcmbfdlbddjidfmibcpneigj : SmoothScroll : version 1_6_32
    nmkinhboiljjkhaknpaeaicmdjhagpep : F.B.(FluffBusting)Purity : version 31_4_1_0
    nngceckbapebfimnlniiiahkandclblb : Bitwarden - Gestionnaire de mots de passe gratuit : version 1_47_1
    ocbhjemiokgibfojkkjapfealnbmgoek : Cesium : version 1_6_2
    okpjlejfhacmgjkmknjhadmkdbcldfcb : User CSS : version 2_2
    oldceeleldhonbafppcapldpdifcinji : Correcteur de texte — LanguageTool : version 3_2_2
    ponfpcnoihfmfllpaingbgckeeldkhle : Enhancer for YouTube™ : version 2_0_101

    I tried from a Private page, same problem:

    2020-12-09 16.02.47 8cf6e0650170.png
    2020-12-09 16.03.03 a4cd7d45325f.png

    and from a Guest page, the extension page is not available:

    2020-12-09 16.06.22 extensions 41766ee3d86b.png

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    @GoustiFruit If button to add a extension is missing, check Vivaldi Settings > Privacy > Google Extensions, you may have unticked Web Store.

    Try to check

  • @GoustiFruit
    Hi, I cant install in Guest profile either but I see the button.


    I guess you have to try a new profile to extend all settings and extensions.
    Sometimes disable an extension is not enough, you have to remove it.

    Cheers, mib
    EDIT: @Gwen-Dragon is fast. wizard

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    A newer version of Vivaldi 3.5.2115.73 Stable is released.
    Please test your issues on this version and ask for issue on the related subforum at

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