Two separate Vivaldi installations?

  • I work from home and I always keep my work browser and personal browser separate so that I can do whatever in one browser and it won't affect the speed of my work browser. Currently I use Chrome for work and Firefox for fun, but I'm not satisfied with the speed of either. I LOVE Vivaldi. I'd love for it to be the only browser I use, but I really want to continue keeping my installs separate from each other. Is it possible to have two completely separate installations of Vivaldi on one computer? I thought maybe I could have x32 and x64 versions but so far I haven't found a way. If I try installing the x64 version in a different directory, it starts the install but then tells me a later version is already installed and stops. Thanks 🙂

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    Don't need to use different bit widths. Install a default-location 32-bit one, and then install another 32-bit copy, say by selecting the "standalone" option, and put that one in, let's say, the "programs" folder. They should ignore each other and each keep their own data profile, just fine.

  • Last time I looked, I had 4 separate, stand-alone Vivaldi-32 installations on this Win7-64 computer. Each one works independent of the other. Just make sure they're installed into different-named folders. The only issue is that it can get a bit confusing since the shortcut icons are all identical, so you may wish to rename the shortcuts somehow, according to their version or build number or whatever.

    Actually, I prefer the stand-alone Vivaldi versions on this system since I'm the only one using it, and I can access a given Vivaldi installation (and its personal data) from any of my user accounts by simply copying the appropriate vivaldi shortcut into that account. (I segregate/compartmentalize my user accounts according to the kind of work I'm doing in each, rather than for separate access by different people.)


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