Make Active Window Easier to See in Window Side Panel?

  • I love the Window Sidebar and use it extensively. Currently the active window in the sidebar has a little dot next to it about the size of a speck of sand (sarcasm). Is there any way to hack Vivaldi to make that visible for those of us who do not have 20/10 vision? To make matters worse a non-active window can often be highlighted in the window panel for reasons that escape me.


  • You may take a look at this CSS mod.

    Read here to apply a CSS mod in Vivaldi.

  • Thanks for the quick solution! That's awsome.

  • I implemented the mod hlehyaric linked to. It's a big help, but I'd like to make the color of the active window a lighter/brighter color that stands out more. If you click on a window twice for some reason the second click changes the highlight to a much brighter blue. That's the type of color I'd like it to be on the first click.

    I did a forum search but could not find anything that tells me how to change that. I assume I need to replace "colorHighlightBgAlpha" with something different?


  • @DogTheBootyHunter Yes, you can change it. The post itself suggests some colour changes (see comments below code). Otherwise, open vivaldi://themecolors and pick a colour that suits your needs.

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    @DogTheBootyHunter The text of the active tab is also bold.

    Active Tab in Window Panel.png

  • I have tried several things and must be doing something wrong. I do make sure to completely close Vivaldi after applying css change before reopening.

    Using the CSS from the mod below the active tab/window is very dark blue (at least with the theme I am using), I simply want it to be bright blue like in the screenshot below. Would someone be kind enough to tell me exactly what text I should insert where below to make this happen? Note - it is bright blue if I click on a window twice, but of course I'd prefer a simple one click. Thank you in advance, much appreciated.

    /* active tab marker /
    #window-panel .vivaldi-tree {content: '\039f';}
    active tab highlighter */
    #window-panel .vivaldi-tree {content: ''; position: absolute; left: 0; width: -webkit-fill-available; height: 24px; background: var(--colorHighlightBgAlpha); mix-blend-mode: overlay;}

    activr tab.jpg

  • @DogTheBootyHunter For further help, I suggest you post in the Mod forum board.

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