Vivaldi logging me out of every account/site after closing

  • Hi

    After updating Win10 to latest version, Vivaldi logging me out of every website including Google, FB and Twitter.

    Is this a known bug?


  • I also have had this problem lately and it's real annoying. Here's the relevant system and browser info:

    Vivaldi	3.4.2066.106 (Stable channel) (64-bit)
    Revision	9faa7da6e287d30fe3948ac5d9d62aefe7977da5
    OS	Windows 10 OS Version 2009 (Build 19042.630)
    JavaScript	V8 8.6.395.25
    Flash	(Disabled)
    User Agent	Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/86.0.4240.198 Safari/537.36
    Command Line	"C:\Program Files\Vivaldi\Application\vivaldi.exe" --flag-switches-begin --enable-features=HeavyAdIntervention --disable-features=WebRtcEnableCaptureMultiChannelApm,WebRtcHybridAgc --flag-switches-end --save-page-as-mhtml
    Executable Path	C:\Program Files\Vivaldi\Application\vivaldi.exe

  • For what it's worth, I noticed that the 'Disable Cache' option was selected in browser tools (Shift + Ctrl + I) from me previously debugging some things and unchecking that seems to have fixed this issue for me, I'll check back in after testing to see if this is actually the root cause.

  • So turns out even unchecking Disable cache doesn't fix this. Still signed out of everything every day.

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    @burnwithme Log-ins are usually saved in cookies.

    What is enabled in Settings, Privacy, Cookies.

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  • Strangely enough, today this problem isn't reoccurring. I haven't changed anything.

  • Actually, nope. Slack stayed signed into my workspaces but nothing else has. When I view saved passwords, it's only showing the passwords from today's session. Even after signing into cloud sync and syncing everything, it doesn't list all my passwords/logins/sessions/etc.

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    Some privacy extension or external program could have been clearing your cookies? I do not know.

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