A small personal wishlist

  • I love the way this browser is shaping up, so I'd like to pop in with a couple thoughts on things I personally find useful yet missing, if you don't mind. [b]1. Adress bar auto-complete behaviour[/b] I don't like the way it behaves at the moment. It suggests the [i]first[/i] address you ever entered that matches what you're typing. In my opinion it should be the [i]last[/i] one (or a toggle setting). See, when doing a lot of projects that are all being published to the same site, I'd rather get the current project as the first match. Not the one that I finished last spring. [b]2. Image properties[/b] There was a questionaire a while ago and this feature didn't get much upvoted. But when actually working with websites and graphics, it would make life much, much easier if I could just bring up 'Image properties' containing address, size, maybe exif. The size is what matters most, as the Inspect tab is rather slow to open. [b]3. A new idea about search[/b] How about we get a keyboard shortcut that brings us to the very first result the search engine returns? The "I feel lucky" one from Google, for example. I see it like this: when I enter "Vivaldi browser" in address bar and hit "Enter" - it takes me to a Google search with this query, just like it should. But if I hit, say, Shift+Enter it would bypass Google and take me straight to vivaldi.com. Why? Well, this popped into my mind when I was doing a fairly large translation project which required lots of fact checking. The queries were like "harrison ford wiki" and "star wars imdb" and the result was 100% the first match so opening the search page was totally redundant. Which reminds me of [b]4. Nicknames[/b] This was a nifty little thing in Opera that I really loved, adding short names to bookmarks and getting to, say, keep.google.com just by typing 'keep' and hitting Enter. I'd love to see this here. I know, tiny details are not a priority but it would be nice to see this some day. So thanks for listening and keep up the good job!

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    3. Start using DuckDuckGo, you then just need to use \ (Backslash) in the beginning of the query. They also have a gazillion of other shorthands to enhance the search as you can see here.

    4. It's already in.

  • 3. – thanks for the tip. DDG has always been on the list of things that I wanted to try out but never got around to it. And yet the major difference is that I have to prepend my query, so I have to be sure before I even start searching. Instead of looking at what I've written and deciding that this should suffice to take me exactly where I want. Also since I'm putting up with sharing my privacy with Google, I want to have my benefits of having better tailored search results.

    4. - Jesus, it was stupid of me to post before looking deeper into it. I'm not exactly using bookmarks on daily basis (speed dial is enough), so I only looked in the side panel, didn't notice the option and figured it's not there. Thanks a ton, I'm 25% happier with the browser now!

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    4- You can add them by clicking to edit the bookmark from the panel; or opening the bookmark manager available from the topbar of the Speed Dial.


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