Still hoping, is there any chance of recovery my bookmark?

  • Gentlemen,

    I created a login, (mateusresende) and stayed 5 months using the bookmark, I registered several searches that I did. And when I went to use the work for 5 months. A (second) password appeared to decrypt, at the time I ended up filling (WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING) what it was, I thought it was the password again, and I ended up locking all work forever.

    I really didn't see any sense of this feature.
    In addition to being dangerous, it caused great stress.
    Of the several emails I sent, giving authorization, people did not bother to solve the (BUG), I imagine that several people also lost. And the way it was done, it ends up causing us to fail.

    It makes no sense to create a password for a login and make it unrecoverable.

    (just place a second check using device, email, questions, authenticator etc).

    Now an unfortunate message has appeared, (delete everything to recover).


    Security that was to protect, destroyed 5 months of work.

    Still hoping, is there any chance of recovery?

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi @mateusresende,
    We're really sorry for the experience you've had with using Vivaldi's Sync feature.

    Encrypting the data (passwords and other private information you store in the browser) is important to keep your data safe. This requires an encryption password. Your encryption password is used locally on your computer for encrypting the data you’re about to send to our servers and to decrypt the received data. The password is never sent to us or any other third party, which ensures that we cannot decrypt and access your data. This also means that we can't recover the data for you, should you forget the password.

    In addition, Sync is not meant to be used as a data backup service. It's meant to be used to transfer data easily between Vivaldi browsers on different devices. If the data is not stored locally on any devices, we can’t guarantee you’ll be able to restore the data on a later date. Forgetting the encryption password is the most common, if not the only cause of lost data in such cases.

    Unlike with the login password, there are no limits to how many times you can try the encryption password and the account won't get locked. Try entering the login password you had at the time of setting up Sync. Or try any password that you might have used as an encryption password.

    The only way to use Sync again is to either enter the correct encryption password or remove the data from servers and set a new encryption password for the data you'll Sync in the future.

    We’re working on improving Sync and doing our best to explain the process better when using Sync for the first time.

    I hope this helps. If not to recover your data then at least to shed more light about the Sync feature. 🙂

  • @jane-n Posso contribuir sim, com meu trabalho.

    Eu nasci surdo. Com isso, tenho uma inteligência incomum e visões muito fora da curva.
    E estou aqui para ( Inovar ) muita coisa, seja interface, tecnologias, engenharia, maquinas, consciência.

    Acabei de ter uma filha,
    Seria muito bom ter um trabalho com o time de vocês, remoto, o dólar $ esta bem favorável.

    Posso contribuir com:

    • Pesquisas / estudos / Mapeamentos mentais
    • UX/inteligencia em features e melhorias
    • Não basta ser o melhor navegador e preciso saber mostrar para as pessoas porque Vivaldi é melhor.
    • E importante ter estratégia de marketing nos ( PAÍSES mais conectados do mundo ) como o BRASIL, que passam mais de 8h em média conectado e ganhar a comunidade brasileira.

    Eu tenho 25 anos de conhecimento em TI.

    Eu sei que estão tentando desdobrar uma agenda perigosa da 4º Revolução industrial, estimulando A.I, Criptocoin, e outras tecnologias não muito favoráveis, pois foi organizado, planejado, tanto quando a 4º revolução industrial que estão desdobrando ai. Eu não acredito que seja algo natural.

    E por isso acredito na privacidade e ela é cada vez mais importante pra lutar contra essas pessoas.
    E entendi a sua atitude e o porque da criptografia agora.

    Fiquei bem nervoso porque foram 5 meses de trabalho, agora, fez mais sentido com a sua fala.
    Por isso vejo a importância do vilvadi nos tempos modernos que estão por vir!

    Um grande abraço!
    Muito obrigado!

    Eu leio inglês,
    Mas hoje escrevi em português, para que vc escolhe um tradutor preferido seu. ❤

  • @mateusresende If the bookmarks and other datas are still saved on the browser, delete everything to recover will only remove the remote data (for which you don't have the decryption key) allowing to do the sync again with login > password > encryption key (to store safely).
    If you lost both your local copy and the key - a recover is not possible.
    Actually, I know the password now can't be the same of the recovery key, so if the browser accepted it, you probably did a mistake in typing it.

    @jane-n A lot of people don't know what a encryption key is. Making clear on the creation sync input box they could lose everything if forgotten is not a bad idea. I'd also make clearer the fact that sync is not a backup.

  • Moderator

    @Hadden89 said in Still hoping, is there any chance of recovery my bookmark?:

    Actually, I know the password now can't be the same of the recovery key, so if the browser accepted it, you probably did a mistake in typing it.


    Did an account a week ago and allowed to use the same Password for Encryption.

    Maybe changed on this days?

    "Off Topic Tip"
    Follow the Signature's Backup | Reset link.
    Take the opportunity to start a Backup plan and even create a Template Profile.

    Windows 7 (x64)
    Vivaldi Backup | Reset + Extra Steps

  • @Zalex108 I knew that only the people which made sync in the early times (pre 2.0 ?) can have the encryption key same as the password. Seems more a typo in entering again the password when the sync expected a key. (Hard to know which letter changed)

  • Moderator


    On that New Account, (started the process from the browser Sync itself), the Pass is the same for the UserAccount and Sync.
    Previously the needed length of the Pass was shorter, now is 8 (🤔 12?) Characters, maybe this allows to use the same since should be more robust than before.

    Did a ScreenShot:


    😞 Forgot about the Password length


    Will move the posts if more info is needed

  • Vivaldi Team

    @Hadden89 IIRC, it was possible to skip entering the encryption password in the beginning, so the login password was used automatically and users forgot that there even was an extra password needed. Now you can still use the same password for encrypting data as for login, but you have to knowingly type it in.

    @Zalex108 The minimum length for both the login and encryption password is 12 characters.

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