Vivaldi reporting file as malicious

  • Hi, Just wondering where is Vivaldi getting its info when it is warning you about downloading files? I need to decrypt some of the wand-passwords from my Opera 12.17 and after some searching found and after some more searching, this seems to be a trusted developer who've been around for many years and should be safe. However, clicking the Download OperaPassView-link on that page and choosing to save, Vivaldi throws up a warning saying: " is malicious and Vivaldi has blocked it." with an option to keep downloading or cancelling. I still think the file is safe (I've downloaded it and checked the zip but not run the .exe inside yet), but I would like to know where Vivaldi is getting this information from - does it have some internal scanning of files or is it just checking the filename against some database? Or something else? Of course also glad for any specific information about that file if someone thinks its not safe or have alternative methods for getting to the passwords stored by the Opera Wand. 🙂

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    Vivaldi uses Google malware and phishing detection, as that's bundled in Chromium. You can disable it under Preferences->Privacy.

  • NirSoft has been a bit controversial for quite a few years, in terms of being identified as malware or malware-ish, both by some antivirus products and by certain web site-safety reviewers. The reason is NOT because NirSoft hosts or produces malware in any normal sense of the word, but because some of its software is designed to read stored passwords on computers. By some folks' malware definitions, that capability is argued to be a security threat, so those who hold that view will red-flag NirSoft's website and/or products. I recall this issue arising clear back in Win9x days! My personal experience is that NirSoft's products are totally safe (and to some extent, essential) to use on your own system. The only meaningful question might arise if one were to covertly use them on somebody else's system to hack their passwords - but if a person has physical access to such a system, he essentially pwns the system anyhow, so even that's a non-issue.

  • Thank you both - that answers both my general and specific questions 🙂


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