Snapshot 1.0.344.24 - Closing in on beta 2

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    [quote=ruario] Today's update brings us a step closer to our second beta, with several crucial fixes for: site compatibility, thumbnail problems, black/unresponsive tabs, Mac keyboard shortcuts, Linux packaging, spatial navigation and tab muting.[/quote] [size=3][b]Changelog[/size] [size=2] VB-4107 Missing thumbnails: Trim the thumbnails at startup and compact the db every 30 days VB-10562 [Linux] Remove unneeded compatibility symlinks for libudev and nss from postinstall and postremove scripts VB-10572 [Linux] Remove unneeded dependency on LSB VB-11006 Tabs break when "discarded" (black tabs, tabs not updated) VB-11408 [regression] Netflix redirects to not supported page when trying to view video VB-11406 [regression] stopped working: first run fix (more work needed) VB-10837 [Mac] One shortcut can close two tabs VB-11282 Part of UA string stripped VB-10776 [regression] Initial spatnav target is not highlighted VB-11358 [regression] NPAPI is disabled: re-enabled on Windows and Mac VB-11316 Catch the fleeing audio indicator: handle the mute tabs icon placement better on Linux and Windows[/size][/b]


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