• I don't know if this has been asked before. Is there any possibility of getting the ability to set my own number of speed-dial short's? At the moment I am restricted to 5 across and there is no way to set the sizes either. In Firefox I have 7 across and 6 down and would like to be able to set Vivaldi the same. For me at least this makes for a tidier looking page. This would greatly enhance usage for me and I think others might also enjoy this as well.

  • Probably this thread is of some interest to you. At the 11th of November the answer to your question was there not to be such a feature at the moment. Now on Fedora 23 with Vivaldi 1.0.344.24 (Beta) dev (64-bit) I still don't see this kind of setting.

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    If you follow the first post of the thread RJules3 linked you can modify the SD with CSS.


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