Introducing Vivaldi Mail in Technical Preview

  • Thanks @gwen-dragon and @luetage. It seems my purge of Hotmail folders and GMail labels has worked. I am only left with the following 4 custom folders in Vivaldi:

    • Archive & Notes (Hotmail defaults)
    • Outbox(*) & Important(+) (GMail defaults)

    (*) turns out this is marked as "Scheduled" in the GMail web interface, but I confirm you can see it as an actual outbox by entering "in:outbox" in the search field. How very transparent 🙄

    (+) this is marked as a label rather than an IMAP folder in the web interface ("is:important" rather than "in:important"). How very transparent 🙄

    (Edit: one interesting thing this has shown me is that you can make your whole GTalk / Hangouts / Meet chat history available as an IMAP folder! That is actually something I might do once M3 is stable...)

  • Hello, it's great to have Mail back soon in Vivaldi Browser. I have tested it in the current stable browser version (3.5.2115.87). There you can also activate it with "vivaldi:experiment". It already works quite well. So far, there are problems when I have saved a mail draft and then want to send this mail later. That does not work.

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    @Seasons4Me It does if you go to the drafts folder, double-click on the mail you want to send (which puts you back in compose mode on that draft), and then send it.

  • Random info time: I was having some very bizarre connection issues on one laptop today (basically every time it wanted to open several connections at once all internet would get blocked - even for other applications). Weirdly, I ended up fixing this by rebooting the router - despite the fact that most other devices were not so badly affected (although it probably explains why the UHD TV stream needed pause/play every 10 minutes last night).

    Anyway, while troubleshooting this, I disabled the mail "experiment" since it killed my connection by checking newsfeeds every time I started Vivaldi. The interesting thing is that when I re-enabled it, several feeds which had been dormant for a few days were suddenly active again!

    So if you're having issues with mail or feeds, it might be worth disabling and re-enabling the mail experiment to see if it fixes things.

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    This post is deleted!

  • I love it.

  • @gwen-dragon: I was successful in getting gmail at vivaldi mail client by enabling 2 step verification, but how can I add google calendar in vivaldi calendar as there is no option to login via app password and I don't want to go for 'trust less-secure apps' option

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    @Abhimanyu If you add calendar ans the Google warning page appears, select left link Expand, select Open Vivaldi (unsecure) and allow access to calendar. Sorry for this description, i can only test with a German account and i may have translated some terms not correct from German to English.

  • @Gwen-Dragon "This app is blocked", and i don't get any link to expand and allow access to vivaldi. Please check attached screenshot.Capture.JPG

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    @Abhimanyu Sorry to say, but i can not do anything, the block is created by Google.
    We need to wait until Google certifies Vivaldi browser as allowed program. 😞

  • Loving the mail client (it's what won me over from Opera at last). Looking forward to seeing it develop further.
    Right now, I'm missing the ability to delete from the list without first switching to the mail item (i.e., a hover to delete icon) and changing the "Sent" folder, so that my sent items are in the same place, no matter which mail client I use.
    I'd also like a view that showed me all unread AND flagged items, which I would think was a filter, but I can't figure out how to put one together.

  • @Abhimanyu
    Consider leaving Google mail and calendar because of their policy.
    Why not creating a calendar and any other mail-account with vivaldi or more trustworthy providers than google?

  • @Dancer18 sure brother, but I have been using this google account from years, it will certainly take time for the transition.

  • @Abhimanyu
    I understand that well. Nevermind.

  • Hi!

    Is there any chance that within a reasonable time the Vivaldi mail client will accept multiple aliases for one email account, where the provider does?


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    @DavidJ I know that this is something that they hope to do as soon as possible (I would like to see this as well) but I don't have any information beyond that.

    Is there any chance that within a reasonable time the Vivaldi mail client will accept multiple aliases for one email account, where the provider does?

  • Hello all from Australia.

    YAY Vivaldi Team!

    Only this week I was told by my email provider (Fastmail) that Opera M2 would no longer be able to access their servers (for security reasons).
    In fact it was the Fastmail support team who provided a link to this forum.

    I've used Opera from about v3.2 and Operamail M2 was, and still is, so fantastic.
    It is a tribute to those early M2 developers that M2 has worked perfectly, without updates for over 20 years.
    That has to be a software record!

    I've used Vivaldi since 'The Split' from Opera.
    I've always championed an M3 but became disillusioned that it would never happen, so I stayed with M2.

    BUT NOW ...

    Well done John & the Vivaldi Team and THANK YOU.


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    @OziIan3880 Welcome on board 🙂

  • Thanks for welcome, G-D.

    Right now I'm feeling pretty dumb after being SO excited about the mail client.

    I thought I did everything right about downloading a version of Vivaldi (with 'M3') from the bottom of the forum, but I cannot find any reference to actually using 'M3'.
    I tried the snapshots, but the installer won't allow me to proceed because I have a newer version installed.

    I've obviously missed something and it's late at night, so a little help would be appreciated.

    Thanks and regards,

  • @OziIan3880 Enabling "mail" is behind the experimental wall.
    Go to vivaldi://experiments/ to enable it.

    You will need to restart the browser after doing so.

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