Introducing Vivaldi Mail in Technical Preview

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    @Abhimanyu said in Introducing Vivaldi Mail in Technical Preview:

    have you enabled google account access to less secure apps?

    No, there was no need in the past to activate this. Access to Google's Services is broken for some users and services. Feel free to report to Google Support and Vivaldi bug tracker.

  • @Gwen-Dragon Thanks for the help!

  • @Gwen-Dragon how to contact google support? haven't done till yet.

  • hi @JON & everyone else, how secure and private is the vivaldi mail client?

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    @Abhimanyu I'm sorry, but this is a question that cannot be answered. Vivaldi email client only fetches and syncs emails. Nothing else. It cannot otherwise interact with the web unless/until you interact with content of an email. And it has no control over that.

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    @Abhimanyu The Vivaldi Mail client also (by default) does not load any external content in messages. That is why there is no option in Mail Settings to disable loading of images, etc.

  • @xyzzy Is it the external content that can potentially be malicious and insecure?

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    @Abhimanyu Very rarely, the actual body of an email can contain malicious content - usually, even in such a case, you will have to interact with the email content to activate the threat. Much more usually, either external content or a link you are invited to follow is where malicious or insecure code is to be found.

  • @guigirl I'm with you. I definitely need client-side hierarchical folder structure in place before I can migrate.

  • And labels don't fit the bill for me. I have about 1000 email folders, nested up to 10 levels deep. Many of my folders have the same name, disambiguated by their parent folder. For example, I have (intentionally) identically named folders for most classes I teach: assignments, lectures, examples, etc. If I switch to labels, in order to keep my hierarchies, I would have to put the name of each ancestor folder of a folder in the label, which would result in some ridiculously long labels that simply wouldn't work for me.

    I don't technically need folders per se. If labels could be structured hierarchically, that works. For those of you familiar with the reference manager Zotero, what it calls collections are basically nested labels, and that solution works fine for me.

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    @Abhimanyu At the very least, loading remote content can be a privacy exposure. The remote content can also potentially be a malicious, targeted attack. (I have seen spam emails that contain nothing but remote content and some phishing emails that employed some extremely insidious tricks.) It's rarely necessary to load remote content, and I would only do so if I absolutely needed to, and only if I trusted the sender... and if it does not scare the crap out of me when I view the raw message.

    Is it the external content that can potentially be malicious and insecure?

  • @libcub I don't think you understand how much better the database method works than the old fashioned manual sorting you are describing.

    It's not about labels at all - the mail can be displayed and grouped according to any combination of terms (in subject or message) and/or contacts you can think of. And if you regularly scan through the same type of list then you can save and reuse any of those searches.

    On top of that, it does already take the folder hierarchy found on an IMAP server. But I literally have never had a use for that, in fact I've picked up some default folders over the years - maybe from the service, maybe from a mail client - which popped up in Vivaldi, and I only recently realised I should probably delete these as they are just unnecessary clutter.

  • @mossman So thinking about your use case, you could make a contact list for each class, then (I would assume) you have the term 'assignment' etc. somewhere in the title or text of the mails relevant to assignments. In that case it's a second's work to open the contact list filter for class X and search for "assignment" - or even a specific named assignment - and you'll instantly get everyone's correspondence on that topic.

    And you can augment that by adding specific labels or IMAP folders as you like.

  • @mossman Heh heh!

    So having gone to the website and deleted all those empty redundant folders I never use - they are instantly re-instated. Now I don't know if it's Vivaldi, K-9 on my phone or Hotmail that's creating them but why on Earth do I have, for example, a "spam" folder (redundant) when there is a "junk" folder used by Hotmail? There are NINE of these totally unnecessary folders wasting screen space and no clue why.

    I find these IMAP folders a pain in the arse!

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    @mossman Some IMAP servers report to mail clients which folders names can be used for spam.
    But some clients create their own names dependent on UI language.

  • @Gwen-Dragon said in Introducing Vivaldi Mail in Technical Preview:

    @mossman Some IMAP servers report to mail clients which folders names can be used for spam.
    But some clients create their own names dependent on UI language.

    The annoying thing is it doesn't seem to be documented or discussed anywhere. Things just exist for no apparent reason and no clear guide on what to do with them. That goes for both server and client.

    Edit: ah... it was a quirk in Hotmail - deleted folders were being moved to "deleted" - so they actually still existed. I've properly deleted them now - let's see how K-9 and Vivaldi react...

  • @mossman M3 doesn’t create additional folders, I tested this. I did a folder purge when I started using it by testing all clients and webmail accounts by sending, receiving, trashing, archiving, etc. and what remained were the server defaults. No additional folders have been created since then. I used countless clients over the years and they tend to mess up your structures. M3 doesn’t.

  • @luetage said in Introducing Vivaldi Mail in Technical Preview:

    @mossman they tend to mess up your structures.

    Yeah, that's my general impression (and why I'm having a bit of a rant! 😉 )

    M3 doesn’t.

    Good to know. Now I'm wondering how to get rid of the "custom folders" in Vivaldi when they're no longer in Hotmail (they might be found in GMail and Vivaldi mail though... more investigation required).

    Edit: I hadn't noticed but a couple have disappeared from Vivaldi. K-9 still lists a bunch of deleted folders in the account info even though I've now correctly mapped everything to the Hotmail defaults (e.g. spam will be sent to "junk" from now on).

    Edit again: okay, seems they were "labels" in GMail. I'm deleting those now too so hopefully Vivaldi ends up with no custom folders...

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    @mossman IMAP servers have defaults for special IMAP folders, see .

    But some mis-configured webmail software or broken mail clients (i saw this with K9 😞 ) unhappily create their own.

  • @mossman Don’t delete “All Mail,” which is a custom folder. The inbox on Gmail archives mail from the inbox there after a certain timespan. Other folders like “Starred” and “Important” should be safe to delete, but there’s really no harm in keeping default Gmail folders.

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