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  • I'm not exactly a new member here, or new Opera & Vivaldi user. :woohoo: Opera 12 [i]Saved Sessions[/i] functionality was critical for doing extensive web research, but limited and therefore less used. Still it allowed to preserve various found info sources about a topic of interest, and open them fast together. [u]Main drawbacks were:[/u] [i]Saved Sessions tab list wasn't editable or viewable without opening all tabs, sessions couldn't be sorted into Groups or refreshed, select tabs couldn't be open & dragged away.[/i] Certain, Vivaldi devs plan new Sessions Panel and Manager, as this core feature was one of major Opera innovations, remains in high demand given huge popularity of similar Firefox and Chrome extensions. Vivaldi simply can't fly without Saved Sessions, and it needs to be a core component for consistency from 1st release, not an extension. [u]Hence some suggestions:[/u] [i][ul] [li]- Opera Sidebar has Windows panel that's basically a current Session Panel. It would be nice to enrich and transform it into a generic Sessions Panel. It would preserve all original Windows Panel functionality, but in addition present a list of saved sessions[/li] [li]- a user would open any of the saved sessions as an expandable folder with a list of tabs in Sidebar, and drag & delete & copy Tabs between saved and current sessions the same way its done now in Windows panel. That would allow to easily append newly found tabs to saved sessions, and bring select tabs from saved sessions into a currently open window[/li] [li]- after sorting Tabs, currently open or changed saved sessions should be re-saved, possibly automatically each 30 sec.[/li] [li]- each session should allow & preserve existing Tab Grouping, and have an editable name, shown in the top bar when open[/li] [li]- saved sessions could be merged, dragged & sorted into Session Groups (Topics), like Software, Electronics, Media...[/li] [li]- Session Manager popup would allow to create new Session Groups, and save new sessions into a selected Session Group[/li] [li]- Vivaldi would allow to Import or Open existing Opera saved sessions, and Export / Import own saved sessions into / from a format common with [i]Firefox Session Manager[/i] and [i]Chrome Session Buddy[/i] browser extensions[/li] [li]- Session Manager would allow to Check Dead Tabs (no longer existing web pages), cleanup and re-save all saved sessions at once.[/li][/i] [/ul]


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