Some issues on Surface Pro (4) touch/pen system

  • I'm filing this because the bug report page asks to get others to reproduce before filing a bug. There are some things that 3.2.1967.47 (Stable channel) (64-bit) doesn't do properly on a Surface Pro (4 in my case). I've still been using V because I like it and it doesn't hang up completely as it used to, but this stuff is really not right and I've seen at least one other user filing forum issues about how they are out of here etc... I'm not sure this list is complete but it's the most annoying ones to me. Interested to know if others see the same issues before I file a report.

    • New tab button: doesn't respond to pen or touch. Have to ctrl-t to get a new tab.
    • File: open new session : produces a dialog which just sits there (and won't go away). Click on "cancel" (over on the right), or any of the other buttons, and you actually click in whatever's behind the dialog. I think this is related to the gsuite issue below.
    • gsuite: a document as something (e.g. pdf) pops up a dialog with save, save as etc; then the whole thing hangs up and you have to reload the page to get rid of the hung dialog. The only thing that works is to hit return immediately you see the box - don't try clicking anything, it'll hang. Hit return and you get the default "save" action.
    • gsuite: switching tab from one doc to another doesn't bring the focus into the destination document. You have to explicitly click somewhere.

    • Forgot one: touch or pen on a speed dial folder does nothing. In fact I've not found a way to open a speed dial folder on a Surface Pro 4.

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    @aach1 The keyboard can be used:

    • F9 to focus the page
    • Cursor keys to navigate the Speed Dial Thumbnails
    • Enter to open a folder
    • Up to select the navigation button
    • Enter to close the folder

  • @Pesala Thankyou, that's helpful of course. But I'll still file a bug report because pen and a finger don't work as you would expect. [stop press though: I'm not convinced that the "new tab" and "speed dial" issues aren't due to an intermittent problem with some process on the surface itself; I'll look into that. The other things are real enough as far as I can tell.

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