Permanently Deleting "Profile 1"

  • Hi,

    I have two profiles I use regularly - both are sync'ed with Vivaldi accounts. I've also noticed when I click on the icon in the toolbar to close accounts there's a third "Profile 1" account.

    I've tried deleting this multiple times by doing the following:

    • Click the toolbar icon
    • Click "Manage People"
    • Click "Person 1"
    • Click "Remove Person"

    But Person 1 will always reappear next time I close and re-open the browser.

    Is there a way to get rid of it permanently?


  • @am2605 Works for me, I am able to remove a profile with this method. Something goes wrong for you. The profile is nothing but a folder in your Vivaldi installation, you can try to remove it manually by visiting your profile path. Switch to the person/profile you want to remove and visit vivaldi://about. Look up the profile path, log out of Vivaldi Sync for that profile, close Vivaldi and delete the folder. You cannot remove the default profile, it will simply reappear but will be reset. Logging out of Sync is the decisive step here I assume. You gotta distinguish between profile and sync account. You can log into a sync account on any of your profiles.

  • @am2605 Another thing to check is if the last profile window you're using before closing Vivaldi is not the one you want to remove.

    Profiles are stored in the Local State JSON file in the User Data folder. This can be viewed in a tool like JSONedit (


    The Profile 2 in this example is the name of the profile folder. The Test1 is the profile name. You can delete this entry in the file, save it, delete the actual folder, and then the profile will be gone for sure. Make sure Vivaldi is closed completely before (obviously), also check in Task Manager if there's any stray vivaldi.exe processes around before doing this.

    I seem to remember another user having a similar problem so there might be a bug here for some situations.

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    Profile 1 is the Default profile. Why do you want to delete it?

  • @Gwen-Dragon No, I’m pretty sure Profile 1 is the first profile created by the user in addition to Default, the third one would be Profile 2. Default is the default profile. Create an additional profile and take a look at your config files.

  • @luetage I have only two profiles: Default and… Profile 2. I've just created a third profile: Profile 3. It seems Default=Profile 1.
    I'm on Mac, It may be different on other OSes.

  • @hlehyaric Hmm, can be. But the deciding factor is that this profile is named Default in your config files, not Profile 1.

  • @luetage You're right. Actually, I don't have a Profile 1, only Default and Profile 2.

  • Hi,

    Thanks to everyone who replied. Based on the advice here I've come up with the following solution:

    • Logged out one of my accounts from sync and deleted it locally
    • Change to "Profile 1" and logged into sync using this account

    I think where I went wrong was creating a new profile for both my vivialdi accounts and then trying to remove Profile 1. It seems that "Profile 1" must exist regardless.

    Thanks again

  • @luetage said in Permanently Deleting "Profile 1":

    Profile 1 is the first profile created by the user in addition to Default, the third one would be Profile 2. Default is the default profile

    That is exactly how it is for me too, in both Snapshot & Stable.

    In Snapshot eg, i have three profiles:

    • Default = guigirl
    • Profile 1 = test
    • Profile 2 = another test.

    Using Manage People i removed that third one, whilst watching my Dolphin file manager. To my surprise, though as expected the third profile vanished from Vivaldi's Manage People, the actual subdirectory did not also vanish. I wonder then what happens if i create another profile?

    I shall post this, close V [in case that then triggers removal of the subdirectory], relaunch V, & if the subdirectory remains intact i'll create another profile to see what happens...

    ...yes, excellent, as hoped upon close, the subdirectory was duly removed. Hence, IMO all profile behaviour seems ok here, fwiw.

  • @guigirl That’s what I expected. I knew that profile names in the vivaldi directory don’t get reused once the person is removed, but wasn’t clear whether it starts with profile 1 or profile 2 when a user creates their first additional profile. So I guess we can finally agree that profile 1 is the wrong term for the default profile.

  • Right, so it seems I probably set "Default" to sync to one of my profiles, then created 2 more. Possibly set Profile 2 to sync to my other, and tried to delete Profile 1, which either didn't delete, or kept being re-created?

  • @luetage said in Permanently Deleting "Profile 1":

    profile 1 is the wrong term for the default profile

    Indeed. It's a mistake commonly made by the Lessors who don't Nix.


  • @am2605 I deliberately do not use Sync, so my advice might be wrong, but at face value it seems to me that maybe you should temporarilly disable Sync, manually clean up your various profiles, then re-enable Sync...?

  • @guigirl Maybe. To be honest, now it works, I can't be bothered trying anything else. Especially since it looks like I'll get shade thrown on me if I call it Profile 1 instead of Default 😂

  • @am2605 throwing shade… I want to learn this trade.

  • Sorry I was flippant. A couple of the comments triggered me 😆

    I've just checked my profile folder and I do have "Default" and "Profile 2" only now. I think disabling sync was the key to it. But I'm really reluctant to break my system to prove it ☹

  • @luetage To begin with, read Fifty shades of grey🤭

  • @hlehyaric And there I thought my remark was terrible. Thank you for taking it to another level.

  • @luetage said in Permanently Deleting "Profile 1":

    to another level.

    Yes, right down to basement.

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