How do I set up Speed Dial 2?

  • How do I set up Speed Dial 2 Google extension to work with Vivaldi? It installs but I can't get it to display in new tabs or as the Home Page.

  • I was looking for a solution as well, but the topics I found didn't really solve it for me. I ended up installing FVD speed dial, which is nice, but requires some alteration of the Vivaldi setup files to change its 'New Tab' behaviour and it worked, but what was really annoying was the address bar wouldn't be highlighted (ready for typing) when you opened a new tab, which is something I need quite often, so I either had to manually click the address bar or press alt+d, neither of which suited me, so I gave up on a nice speed dial altogether for now.

    If the address bar behaviour doesn't annoy you and you like FVD, have a look at this fix:



    Tested and it works

    Just replace all the occourrences of




    in bundle.js

    To fully replace the stock SD with FVD speed dial.

  • I have almost done it. I followed the bundle.js modification using the substitution:
    Then if one sets the Vivaldi homepage to:
    my Speed Dial 2 appears when a new tab is selected.
    I have the startup set to my home page.
    On startup I still get a Vivaldi Speed Dial tab appear as well but it is blank. I haven't worked out how to stop that appearing yet.

    I persevered because I dislike FVD. 😠


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