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  • @Steffie That's the best we can do: live with forum inconsistencies 😀. We can already live with V bugs 🤭 .

  • @npro said in tabs don't load on start of snapshot 3.5.2110.3:

    Best thing is to use Stable for daily use and Snapshot for testing the new features, as described in the link above

    Now i find this interesting, & am interested to hear how others go about this, coz did i mention that i'm interested in its interestingnessocity?

    There was a time quite a long time back now, when i seriously thought i could manage the logistics implied by the above policy. However i fizzled out pretty much immediately, & chose instead simply to use Snapshots as my default [with Stable only as emergency fallback -- given most Snapshots have been eminently "usable" for years, it's been pretty rare i have needed to revert to Stable].

    My "fizzlement" was coz i decided that i had the greatest chance of finding bugs in Snapshots, if i was using Snapshots all the time, thus exposing them to the full gamut of my daily & longer-term workflow. Maximising the stress test, if you like. Additionally, i realised from those times that a new Snapshot introduced some new feature of value to me, my FOMO made it very challenging to just stick with Stable, when i knew i was denying myself some fulltime access to new goodies.

    To those who follow the @npro paradigm, how do you manage to be so strong? 🤷♀

  • @Steffie I like consistency 👏🏻

  • @Steffie I can't manage to use two browsers on a daily basis. Too much hassle.
    I switched to Snapshot 4 years and a half ago and since then, Snapshot has been my daily browser. I have Stable installed as a back up, just in case some kolossal Katastrophe happens in Snapshot. So far, I've only used Stable to mainly check Settings in French… (I'm a traitor, my snapshot UI language is English).

    I don't think that's @npro paradigm, I'm pretty sure it's some kind of official statement.

  • @Steffie I use Snapshot for daily use and Stable for "forum post checking" and the odd occasion when Snapshot falls behind (because of security updates).

    Note: Because of testing/verification I don't have them synced. So most of my settings/tweaks/bookmarks etc are only in Snapshot.

  • @Steffie I do use Stable (in English - traitor like @hlehyaric) on one screen and +/- like @TbGbe for forum post checking, mails, etc. and the Snapshot (in French) on the other screen to make searches, watch videos, etc.

    @TbGbe said in The Naughty Corner [aka, OT innit].:

    Note: Because of testing/verification I don't have them synced. So most of my settings/tweaks/bookmarks etc are only in Snapshot.

    For me, not synced either but, for the rest, it's the other way round (all settings, tweaks, mods, etc. are made on the Stable version).

  • @Steffie The one thing is what we percieve as a "computer" hobby, which inludes the understanding/living with/enjoying minor or major risks, the other is just user misconception that can lead to frustration, anger burst and unfair treatment, we very often see those in this forum. It's not accidental after all that Snapshot is pretty hidden and nowhere to be found officially. So it's best to enlighten casual users, with some official word 🙂 . Hunting bugs isn't a bad thing per se, it's a hobby occupation, a selfless offer to a community or even an ethical "obligation", or even naivness, but it's not what casual users want to do, they want software that doesn't break their work or gives them headaches "out of nowhere". I guess we don't need to further rediscover what beta software is, do we? 😁
    P.S. The other thing that you describe is called "addiction" and we've seen the symptoms on you lately 😁 😜

  • @npro said in The Naughty Corner [aka, OT innit].:

    Hunting bugs isn't a bad thing per se

    Poor kids of nature! Bug lives matter! Bug lives matter!

  • @potmeklecbohdan They don't kill them, they just "remove" them 🙂

  • @npro Yeah, poor bugs! Who has ever asked anyone to remove them from their natural environment?

  • @potmeklecbohdan Many users! 😅

  • Moderator

    You know: A Wo-Man is stronger than a Man. Yeah. LOL,
    Why? Man has no Wo (secret force) 😉

  • Moderator

    @Gwen-Dragon And a He-Man is not stronger than a Wo-Man.
    The Woooh sounds strenghty and powerful, the Hii small and weak 😉

  • Moderator

    I like playing with words.

  • @Gwen-Dragon And there is a conspiracy theory about the fact the naughty patriarchy removed a w from the original Wow!-Man 😆

  • @Gwen-Dragon That's actually the opposite, shorter and high-pitched sounds contract the muscles faster and better for passive protection and strength accumulation, have you ever listened to Bruce Lee in his martial art films? 😁

  • Sad news. Save platypuses!

  • Thanks to those who kindly posted illuminating responses to my query re V variant for daily default. It's always good to learn others' methods, attitudes & values IMO, so i appreciate it.

    I was going to post a snide remark about the phrase...

    @npro said in The Naughty Corner [aka, OT innit].:

    Bruce Lee in his martial art films

    ...containing two entirely tautological words, but my official Addiction Recovery Therapist staunchly advised me not to go online at all today, lest i risk a total psychotic break. Honestly, i think she tends to overreact terrib...

  • @hlehyaric Yes, this is...


    ...unambiguously despicable, ditto our rapid annihilation of our koalas. Our contemptible record as world leader in mammalian extinction rates, & stellar performance also in reptile & invertebrate extinctions, leaves me in despair. We have a expletive expletive expletive^42 federal misgovernment full of flat-earth religious anti-science global-heating-emergency-denying racist xenophobic misogynistic old-boys-club big-end-of-town @rseholes, who on one hand pretend they're none of those things whilst actively doing all those things, & on the other hand ... nope, there is no other hand, they're simply malfeasantly myopically moronically mendaciously malicious. Some of them have the gall even to publicly describe some of our native fauna [koalas, in this case] as "tree rats" & actively advocate for farmers to have the legal right to exterminate them! Most of the others however are more cunning in their ghastliness; they publicly mouth platitudes about how important our fauna are, whilst all the time allowing all their native habitats to be destroyed in their insane desire to leave Straya denuded of all our old-growth forests [temperate & rainforests] in the banal cry of "Jobs jobs jobs" justifying ever more coal mines, CSG fracking, & wood-chipping in total denial of the palpably dire economic & ecological facts against them. The more enlightened parts of the world are finally moving forward on decarbonising their economies [needs to be much faster though], whilst our idiots here still hanker for a fossil fool fantasy... & for waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many of the past decades the reality-tv brain-dead electorate keeps paying no attention & just voting them back in.

    Really, is it much wonder i look to losing myself in geekdom?; if i dare look up & out it's simply all too demoralising.

  • @Steffie

    Unfortunately, we have all morons in governments. Here, it's all about so-called green policies. So we have many nuclear power plants, but it's fine. They are environmentally-friendly. No CO2 emissions. But nuclear waste. We don't know what to do with nuclear waste (highly polluting & dangerous material). Who cares? Let's build new ones, it's good for jobs & economy (= good for shareholders). Worst of all, a former French president said during the 2012 presidential campaign «Nuclear power is French energy independence». How? When? We don't have any uranium mines, we import uranium from Niger (a former French colony in Africa…). Obviously none of the most frantic partisans of nuclear power has ever offered to bury nuclear waste in their garden. It's far better to bury that elsewhere. Btw, windmills? No thank you. Not sustainable and it spoils landscape…Aaaarrrggghhh…

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