Importing passwords from Opera 12.17 doesn't work

  • I tried to import Opera 12.17 passwords (as part of the migration from good old Opera to good new Vivaldi), but noticed that it doesn't work at all. I first tried with the 'default location' option - > not a single pw imported I then manually selected the operaprefs.ini (as I wan't allowed to choose the actual wand.dat file due to filefilter restrictions), but also this way - > not a single pw imported. Am I doing something wrong or is this a known bug? Thank a lot using 1.0.344.5 (Beta) (32-bit) on Win7x64

  • Moderator

    It's been mentioned a fair number of times.

  • @netwolf
    At the 30th of November this post described a way to do it. The main problem seems to be the masterpassword in Opera which has to be eliminated in advance of importing. But at the 3rd of December Shpankov (Administrator) wrote this. So I don't know if the procedure actually is working. Probably it's worth a try.

  • Thank you, but I don't even use a master pw wiih Opera 12.17.
    So now we know that not only with a master pw set it is broken but also without.
    Will have to wait for a fix then, it seems…


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