{Article} "We can do better than DuckDuckGo" [but it goes further].

  • https://drewdevault.com/2020/11/17/Better-than-DuckDuckGo.html

    It starts promisingly:

    DuckDuckGo is one of the long-time darlings of the technophile’s pro-privacy recommendations, and in fact the search engine that I use myself on the daily. They certainly present a more compelling option than many of the incumbents, like Google or Bing. Even so, DuckDuckGo is not good enough, and we ought to do better.

    I have three grievances with DuckDuckGo:

    • It’s not open source. ...
    • DuckDuckGo is not a search engine. ...
    • The search results suck! ...

    Eventually it fizzles out.

  • @Steffie Did you miss

    searX is also a false search engine — that is, they serve someone else’s results.


  • @TbGbe Yep i certainly noticed that. As a consequence of my eyes being opened wide [shut?] by this article, my new interwebz search policy is to ditch all the False Engines, & instead personally write to the owners of every server & pc [& slide-rule] in the world, each time i need to know something, & ask them to please post me back anything topical [or not] they might happen to have.

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