Occasional link right-click problems

  • Hello! Not sure if this is the place to report possible bugs, but I couldn't find a developer site or a bug tracker, so here goes: Sometimes when right-clicking links to (for example) saving linked content as file, the menu disappears immediately and won't re-appear no matter how many links you try to right-click. The problem doesn't occur every time only sometimes, which leads me to believe it might have to do with timing, or movement of the cursor during or after right-clicking. It occurs often enough that it should be possible to reproduce relatively quickly, say every 20 or so right-clicks. (At least on my 2014 MacBook Pro running 10.11.1 (15B42) El Capitan.) An obvious fix is to close the tab and open a new tab to the same URL. Then right-clicking works fine. Well, until the next time it breaks. 🙂 Vivaldi 1.0.340.7 (Beta) (64-bit) Revision 9ae925ff17ca36e328d999851001d0b9dae32e33


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