Selecting part of url in address bar is quite awkward

  • [Apologies if this has already been noted somewhere, had a cursory search but couldn't see anything] Normally the protocol for a given url is hidden in the address bar, when you go to select part of the url (e.g. to delete part of it to go back to the root of the site or to type in a slightly different url) the protocol re-appears meaning the url string gets shifted to the right and the bit you were going to select has moved. The first few times this resulted in me deleting random bits of the url having had the cursor land 7 or 8 characters left of where i had intended; being a hasty sort of person i press enter as soon as i have pressed delete then find myself at a 404 of some description. I now know that it does this, but it actually quite annoying because you have to click in the address bar to get the protocol to appear before you can highlight the part of the url you want. I know it's only a small thing, but i do find myself trying to copy / cut bits of the url quite frequently so this little irritation keeps popping its head up (made more obvious as i am still mainly using opera 12 and it doesn't happen in that). Is there an easy way to change this behaviour?

  • I also prefer the old behavior, always show the protocol. Since Vivaldi is for power users we dont fancy looking URLs with hidden http://

  • I have the same problem, thank you for having described it better that I would !
    That's not a big problem but quite annoying.

  • Definitely, Vivaldi needs some improvements here.


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