Make it possible to pay for / support the development work.

  • Hi Vivaldi guys. I'm an avid Ubuntu user. Ubuntu kindly offers the option of donating an amount when downloading a new version. If you do not want to: don't. If you do: do. May I suggest the same for Vivaladi? It would be heartbreaking if the development of Vivaldi came to a halt due to financial circumstances. I am quite certain, that we are thousands of users that sees the Vivaldi as a true savior regarding internet experiences (which today is almost everything). The Opera, Firefox (although I like the idea behind it) , Chrome, IE (urrk!) are terrible products if one really wants to utilize the potential of www. Great job so far, good luck with completing work on unfinished features, I wish you all the best - and I will put my money where my mouth is. Gladly!

  • I was thinking of the same thing, I really like Vivaldi and want to keep on going. It has a drop down button and option to disable auto complete in the address bar, which none of the chrome based browsers provide. Just curious for how long the CEO can keep the company running without any funds. There should be a button for donating to Vivaldi.

  • I'd also be willing to contribute financially if there was some way of doing this. I really like Vivaldi, and would like to contribute to keep it going.


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