How bugs are being fixed?

  • I reported bug that password can't be saved - VB-10954 (19 Nov 2015). Now 2.5 weeks later it has been fixed (1.0.344.5 snapshot). But it's shown as VB-11223: [quote]VB-11223 Saving passwords does not work[/quote] My question is why the bug number greater than mine? Because I reported it before (VB-10954). So I apologize that you are not able to process all bug reports and sort them. This means that not all bugs will be fixed. Therefore I have another question. Should I report my bug after every snapshot comes out if it's not fixed? And if not, then how can I watch the status of my bugs that they are in work and not dropped?

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    1. Because it's not your bug, it's another.
    Some bugs are closed as duplicates and those are not shown in the changelog. What happens is that the bugs with the most discussion stays open and the others are closed as duplicates. Yours was probably closed as a duplicate.

    2. NO, unless you want to spam.
    All bugs are processed, they may take some time to be noticed, but they are.

    3. Bugs are never dropped. Unless they are invalid (not enough information / not a bug)
    Feature requests and other changes may be dropped if it's not in Vivaldi vision or there's another feature idea that makes that one invalid.

  • Thanks for the answer. And it's good that no one bug is dropped. 🙂
    I didn't want to say that you don't work. I just wanted to know why my bug was reported before, but change list contains another one, and wanted to know how can I report about bugs to make Vivaldi better.

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    I didn't want to say that you don't work.

    Don't worry, that's not what I thought.

    And I'm just a user, not from the team.


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