anyone expert in youtube and youtube music?

  • today i was messing with youtube and found out that youtube music and youtube have parallel yet separate managements of collections, in short: i wanted to add a playlist to my collection and youtube music showed up, i saved it and went to classic youtube to look at it but i couldn't find it so i changed all the addresses of playlist i had saved already in youtube music removing music. from the domain and opened the playlists in classic youtube, saved them again and looking in youtube music i couldn't find it there. so i concluded they are 2 different entities.

    now this creates some problems and some possibilities but it is impossible to find out how it works because they don't explain it.
    i would like to ask if anyone knows how collections and playlists work through youtube music and how the mechanism correlates with classic youtube.

    also because i have already many playlists or collections showing up in youtube music from classic youtube.

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    I don't know about them, but, since no one has yet answered, if you are on Android, you would like to check YMusic until all the troubles and confusion are fixed you would still 👂 🎵.


  • @Zalex108 thanks, but i wanted more of a way to manage my subscriptions collections etc better! and i was looking into the new youtube music...

    unfortunately as always it's a mess to understand how these big multinationals products work... damn!

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    Despite there are many people in the Forums, or they do not check Off Topic SubForum or do not use many things, Youtube Music in this case.

    Good luck on your research 😉

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