Has anyone tried Ultimate Edition Linux distribution?

  • I have tried Ultimate Edition Linux on a fairly new computer (3 years old) and the system crashed several times. Then it would not re-install. Anyone one else having the same problem? :( RC

  • I didn't even know such existed.

    Did you install 32-bit or 64-bit version? It's usually better with 32-bit unless you have multicore processor and over 4 GB RAM.

  • I read Distrowatch from time to time, so I've seen the name. Let me see


    I do run 64-bit Linux (Mageia, with KDE desktop) on my nettop (think of it as a glorified netbook, but with external moitor and keyboard) and that only has 1 GB, so it can be done … but you don't gain much if anything by doing so. One of the "lighter" desktops would probably be better, but as I tend towards 1 window at a time it isn't too bad. Mind you, I don't think Opera 24 would run in that little RAM, I've only use Opera 12 on it - I have run 24 on my 4 GB laptop.

  • They don't even seem to have their own forum…

  • Some versions of Linux don't - if they are identical to things that could be obtained from the parent distribution, other than artwork and such. Can't say if that's quite the case with UE …

  • I don't want to sound harsh, but this distro looks clunky and bloated while being badly themed. What does it offer that any other *buntu distros do not already have?

  • I have a similar issue with any Ubuntu derivative. It will install, run like arse then the errors crop up. Doesn't matter what PC/Laptop its installed on, I will always get to a point where it's actually unusable.

    If you want something that's lightweight or just clean, use Crunchbang. It's based on Debian so it's stable. I use Debian myself, and have done for 3 years on the same install. You won't get better than Debian.

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