No Speed Dial after deleting all Bookmarks

  • I deleted all Bookmarks from Vivaldi, now my Speed Dial is gone, and i cant add new ones

  • That's because Speed Dial is kept in Bookmarks. You need to open bookmarks and click New Folder and remake the SpeedDial folder.

  • Dominik,

    Vivaldi keeps one backup copy of the Bookmarks so you may be able to recover them.

    Close Vivaldi.
    Look for a file named 'Bookmarks.bak' in the Vivaldi installation: <path>| User Data | Default
    Delete the file named 'Bookmarks' (no file extension)
    Rename 'Bookmarks.bak' to 'Bookmarks'.
    Launch Vivaldi.

    You should have the SpeedDial again.</path>


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