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  • Hi, I cannot log into
    ARD says, they do not support Vivaldi, so they cannot help.
    When clicking on the log-in-button, a blue field opens and "pumps" like loading, but nothing happens.
    You can log into ZDF Mediathek with ARD login. I tried to do so and reload ARD in another page, hoping to circumvent it. But that does not work either.

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    @Calli04 If you block Third Party Cookies on the ARD site, the login modal does not appear.
    Tested on 3.4.2066.94 Win 10 x64 with Vivaldi Guest mode (Gastfenster) and fresh profile.

    Workaround if you need a block of Third Party Cookies:
    Click on lock in address field
    Click Cookies
    Click on tab Blocked
    In list click on ard,de
    Click Allow
    Reload page

    Or less user-friendly:
    Open internal page chrome://settings/cookies
    Go to section "Sites that can always use cookies"
    Hit Add
    and type in domain field
    Hit Add
    Close settings page

  • @Gwen-Dragon
    Thank you very much, that helped a lot.
    I added ard and [*.]
    to the whitelist and activated "use third party cookies on this site" too.
    Now it even works with the tracker option on.

    Actually: I already was logged it. I think this might be through the trick I mentioned above: logging into ZDF with ARD, which works through another ARD-portal.

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