Minor update (4) for Vivaldi Desktop Browser 3.4

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  • @Steffie I thought you were purple/lilacs/lavender/mauve, not… orange 🤭 .

  • @hlehyaric Giggles.

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  • @Steffie Let's hope you won't have much time left to use that button… It's time to learn to make your own coffee.

  • @Isildur Maybe. But posting both "minor" and critical updates could cause confusions in users which read blog posts.
    For a simple reason: on stable, usually, all updates matter as they fix a vivaldi/chromium bug.
    It could be stated as critical update in the changelog with the CVE when the info is already known in the wild.

  • I just updated to this version, but doubt if this cut is causing these problems. I'd be happy to repost this some place else at Vivaldi and delete this message to keep the comment section of your blog, clean:

    I'm getting this love/hate feeling with Vivaldi... Maybe I like it too much, and just push it too far, with too many windows [9] and tabs, [many 100's]. I'm in Opera right now, since Vivaldi started up apparently correctly, loading all the windows and tabs. But but then I found I couldn't get any response from any menu, or even click on the tabs to change screens. It also put my quad processor at 40% CPU for the Vivaldi tree. Memory use started at 1 gb for the main process, and it is growing at about 1 gig / 30 minutes. Tree memory use is about 14 GB and growing. There's one process at 14-19%, another at 7-9%, and another at 7%, and with all the other +35 processes, at near idle. The problem is, I can't open anything, any menu, and I especially can't try to open Vivaldi's task manager. I can't specify opening a different profile, since I can't access any UI, or any settings before it opens the default last profile..

    I had this happen once before, after a bad PC shutdown crushed Vivaldi's proper startup.. The advice given here was either too drastic, (delete your profile), or didn't work. Luckily, I was able to load my profile, but only by finding this 18,111 byte TEMP profile file that was unlabeled with no extension:
    C:\Users\USER-ME\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\RFd76476f
    and then just copying it over to, and replaced the following defective file, which was about the same size and structure:
    C:\Users\Alan\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Local State
    This Worked recover and open all 9 windows with hundreds of tabs. Again, use Process Explorer or task manager to shut down all active Vivaldi processes, (since you can not use ANY Vivaldi UI elements, even if you can see them). Then find the GUID style named file that is about the same size, <18k size, and copy it over to your file, "LOCAL STATE", after making a copy / renaming "Local state" to "localstate.BAD-todays-date" so the defective file won't be lost and overwritten. Unfortunately, that was in July, and this is November. This time I have no GUID Style Temp file I can use to restore from.

    I'm urgently requesting that you create a means to save off the last 10 or 15 "LOCAL STATE" files that could be used to recover from. Vivaldi is fantastic to be able to keep a bunch of task projects open in many windows and tabs, hibernate all other tabs in a window, so CPU and memory use stays small enough. But you can't prevent all file corruption while Vivaldi is writing files.

    Another great work-around would be for some common tools to easily start Vivaldi, with ALL tabs hibernated and inactive!!. Once loaded, if there was a tab that sent CPU usage through the roof, you could just kill the tab, (assuming you can still use the UI), or worst case, kill the tab after restarting Vivaldi, without activating the errant "bad" tab at all this time.

    Startup issues might not be Vivaldi's fault, since websites or extensions could cause havoc, making it impossible to start Vivaldi properly, or use any part of Vivaldi, to discover where the problem lies. But, we still need a foolproof way of starting a Vivaldi user profile, with or without "bad sites loading', bad extensions, or just corrupted Vivaldi config files, since for instance, the OS blue screened while Vivaldi was writing it's internal files, (like my corrupted / bad "Local State") file in July.

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    @Isildur The update patch itself is minor (it just fixes a small part of the program), but the bug fixes it includes are critical. This is true of nearly every minor update vivaldi has issued, so this is just the traditional naming scheme used on blog posts.

  • @daaboss said:

    Another great work-around would be for some common tools to easily start Vivaldi, with ALL tabs hibernated and inactive!!.

    Did you try this setting:

    Settings > General > Startup > Startup with:

    • Last Session: ON
    • Lazy Load Restored Tabs: ON <- meaning: Tabs stay hibernated until you click on them
    • Always Load Pinned Tabs: (optional)

  • This post is deleted!

  • @QuHno I wish I could try it, since it sounds like a good idea. But I can't use it because this is a startup issue, or better defined as a startup crash. I simply can't get to, change, or even close any screen, setting, menu, window, tab, etc. I also cannot open a different profile to even use the Vivaldi browser to research my problem--thus, I'm using Opera for now. I have the ability to easily destroy a profile, and "fix" my problem. But, I'm trying to preserve my last session, which has a lot of work already open in those windows, that would take me a week to recreate.

    In my case, when I first open V, all 8 windows open, and I can see all the tabs, and I can even see all the contents of the current tab pane that is in focus in each of the nine windows. But then, CPU goes to 40%, (which on my powerful system means 100%), the memory taken starts doubling every 30 minutes, and any and every function is effectively shut down. Technically, everything still works: Last night I clicked on the "File" menu. 10 minutes later while in another window, the drop down for "file" menu showed up!! This startup problem is a cache-22 problem, since only by modifying the files directly, or adding a command-line startup option, can I even open Vivaldi. I've been reading the forums for a few hours looking for either fixes, or the best place to start asking and troubleshoot startup crash issues. @Gwen-Dragon has posted some great resource posts that help better define how to do surgery when moving or repairing a profile. But, special techniques are required to both fix a startup, and not lose all the other profile data, such as all the tabs and windows that were last open.

  • @DaaBoss I have sent you a chat message because I have an Idea how we can mitigate your problem (and to keep this thread on topic, because this is more "tech support" than discussing the update 😉 )

  • @kalebpsouza: Can't you update to latest LTS?

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