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  • I began using this browser for the first time yesterday morning. I was instantly impressed. So much so that I very soon switched it to be my default browser (Win 8, and 10). However, there are a couple of things that I could see getting improved. First, when a page is going to be loaded, there's no visual indicator to let you know. You simply have to wait for a while and see if something happens. Pretty much with every page load, the first time I right-click, nothing happens. I have to do it at least twice (Win 8 only). Finally, it's really cool that we can install chrome extensions, but when they're in the address bar, they can't be re-ordered. This forces me to have uninstall and reinstall them on other browsers in order to maintain a consistent user experience. Another option for this would be to synchronize user preferences across their machines. Great job on this browser. I wasn't feeling like I needed a new web browser, but this one is incredibly well done.

  • I too am 'testing the new V browser. In addition to reseq the Extension buttons, plz review:

    1. Chrome Cast (reg & Beta) does not recognize powered ON devices
    2. when using Middle Mouse key for double click to open NewTab, it does not work if Link is within a Bookmark folder
    3. PDF print plugin w/javascript works on latest Version of Google, why not V
    4. and don't forget the ability to reseq the Ext.buttons.

    Not ready for MY prime-time.

  • I fairly often get a similar result when left-clicking on a bookmark on my bookmark bar… if I do a rapid left-click, the bookmark label turns a slightly darker grey, but nothing else happens until I re-click it and it then opens normally. It should open immediately with a single left-click. I know it's not the OS mouse sensitivity/delay settings because Vivaldi is the only software on the system that exhibits this effect.

    This may not be related to your right-click issue, but then again, there may be something in Vivaldi's code where it responds to mouse clicking and which gets interfered-with by something else going on within the browser, such that a slow and longer-persisting click needs to be made at those times for it to register. It doesn't happen constantly, but in the last couple of days, it's happened about every 5-10 clicks on bookmarks (seemingly worse since I downloaded the 1.0.340.7 version). This is on a Win7-64 Pro system with standalone Vivaldi.

  • My requests are kind of major or basic — things you all could agree on having it be there.

    • CPU/RAM/Disk optimization. Optimize Vivaldi's code on all those things as much as possible (Chromium second, but that's later).
    • UI optimization.
    • Light panel.
    • History panel
    • Forget my search input in the search bar immediately after I entered my search. That way, I could make more searches over and over again and I don't have to manually erase my search because I don't like it staying there.
    • Garbage collection. I found one browser called Polarity browser, and they say because of it's garbage collection, it's the most "energy efficient" browser out there and takes up the least amount of RAM despite having, say, 20 tabs open compared to 20 tabs open in Chrome, Firefox or IE. Although the browser itself is super buggy, unusable for me, it did this while having lots of features within itself, making it a feature-rich lightweight browser. I want Vivaldi to be able to get this feature and differentiate itself from other browsers a lot more. The chart is here

    There are also UI stuff I would like to be changed and improved, to make V's UI more modern and clean looking. The V logo on the top-left of the browser for example, I think should change to the color of the website's theme color that you're on, as not all websites are red. This makes every website better for viewing and not jarring when you're on a blue website for example (it would make editing Google Docs look so much cooler!). That or just leave it as a white V I guess.

    Anyway, there are some polishing up of the browser and it's features in order to make it ready for stable. It may even add some new features here and there according to what's really needed in order of priority to make it more complete. The Tab Mute feature was one we just saw.

  • @D0J0P, what is a "Light panel"?

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    @D0J0P, what is a "Light panel"?

    I believe he's referring to a light-colored panel bar, which would blend in with or harmonize with the light grey theme.


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