Direct Manipulation support

  • Hi Vivaldi team, So I'm using a 2015 Dell XPS 13. Ever since I got this laptop I have been forced to use Internet Explorer 11, for one reason only: the touchpad scrolling. IE11 uses the [url=]Direct Manipulation APIs[/url] which allow for true Mac-like scrolling, with complete responsiveness, intertia, bounces, etc. No other browser (including Vivaldi, and yes with or without "Smooth Scrolling") has even come close to replicating this experience. Even Edge, which presumably uses DManip, has an odd, persistent scrolling glitch on my laptop which renders it mostly unusable. IE11 however is falling behind in other ways and if you guys could implement this in Vivaldi it would make me and the other future millions of users on Precision Touchpad-equipped devices extremely happy. Without this, Vivaldi is but a cool yet impractical browser for me. On a side note, full touchscreen support would be useful also, but not really something I use or care about often.


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