Love it in the details!

  • First thing checked is vivaldi is safe to pin on the taskbar!!! I've been longing for Opera to change the way it organizes its files: put a static executable that is not to be changed with version under root of installation path, instead of putting launcher.exe outside with opera.exe under folders named after version. The way Opera does it, has left me two options: 1. pin launcher.exe but every time you click that, the most updated version of opera.exe starts running, but with creating another icon on the task bar, so you have two icons on taskbars always, which looks so weird... 2. pin opera.exe so you will only have on icon anytime but you have to be responsible to repin opera.exe everytime opera gets its updated version... I started to look around ever since opera switch to chromium/blink and created this trouble for me. I've been using FF for a while and I think it's not as bad as 7,8 years ago when opera was my king of browsers. Now that I am sure I would be settling with vivaldi, at least for quite a while, I found it more powerful and faster with slick UI, and without above mentioned nightmare with chromium based opera, I started to love it already! No need to mention this React based implementation makes it sound so interesting to me. Keep it up!


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