Why Can't any web browser print a web page as I see it on screen?

  • One of my big frustrations with web browsers is that I have never seen a browser (desktop or mobile) that can reliably print a web page as I see it. Often I will see pages of menu items before the start of the article in my printout or other deviations where the printed page does not look like what I saw in the browser window. I believe the heart of this issue is that many webpages have style sheets that apply only to screen or only to print presentations. Sometimes a website lacks a style sheet for printing, or the one for printing is just simply awful. Why can't a web browser provide a print option to print the screen rendering of a website? This could be a checkbox found in page setup or print settings that, when checked, would cause the browser to use the screen style sheets when rending a web page to a printer. Another option for printing should allow the user to set the pixel width of the printed page, so that the printout can be made to show the width of the page as it would appear in a window of that pixel width. And finally, if a page being printed contains a video, the teaser frame of the video should be printed instead of a blank white space, or if the video is playing when print is chosen, it could be reasonable to print whatever frame was up at the moment the print command is processed. Can any web browser print like this?

  • No, gramps, no one prints web pages. If you really must, use a screenshot tool such as the one below and print the image/pdf file.


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