{Article} Estonia is a ‘digital republic’ – what that means and why it may be everyone’s future.

  • https://theconversation.com/estonia-is-a-digital-republic-what-that-means-and-why-it-may-be-everyones-future-145485

    Do we have any Estonian Vivaldiers here? It'd be fascinating to hear of any direct local experience for comparison with the rosiness of this article.

    the blockchain system enables the relevant data to be immediately accessible to the required department.

    This might scare people worried about data privacy. But citizens, not the government, own their personal data in Estonia. Citizens have a digital ID card and approve which part of their information can be reused by which public service. Estonians know that even government officials can’t access their personal data beyond what is approved by them for the required public service. Any unauthorised attempt to access personal data will be identified as invalid: indeed, it is a criminal offence in Estonia for officials to gain unauthorised access to personal data

    Meanwhile, to contrast against an apparently illuminated progressive digitally egalitarian country's populace & governance, upsidedown here we're misruled by flat-earth knuckle-dragging Luddites who are still railing against encryption ["the laws of Straya take precedence over the laws of mathematics" -- oh ffs!] & digitally equitable citizen privacy. Oh the pain... 🤦♀

  • @Steffie Interesting!!
    I wonder what the definition of "personal data" encompasses?
    Does that mean Estonians don't need "Ad/Tracker Blockers"?
    I'm waiting for the lawsuits against Google/Facebook et al 👨🏻⚖

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    @Steffie Wonderful article. Thanks for sharing.

    here we're misruled by flat-earth knuckle-dragging Luddites who are still railing against encryption

    As we are members of the Five Prying Eyes, here in Canada, we suffer with you. We have to wonder at the idiocy of it all and with the US DoJ's Sunday announcement they want the "FPE" to have all encryption with a backdoor (although they didn't mention that word) for them to grab what they want, looks like we're in for another battle over the E word and personal privacy.

  • @greybeard said in {Article} Estonia is a ‘digital republic’ – what that means and why it may be everyone’s future.:

    all encryption with a backdoor

    The extreme idiocy of all the governments & minions the world over, who keep saying this tripe, remains undiminished in its ability to still astound me. 🙄

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    I've always found estonia's take on digital quite fascinating. I love the idea of making a government digital first, but there are some really big caveats:

    1. Internet & Computer access & Education - unless a government is willing to spend big $€£, setting up your society to run entirely digital is a no go as you risk alienating portions of your population. Sadly that kind of investment seems often lacking here in the UK, and if it is ever brought up its usually farmed out to private contractors that end up spinning projects out of control.
    2. Keeping it up-to-date - I don't know what kinds of encryption Estonia uses on its digital ID system, but if it was set up starting in 1997 I would be extremely worried about it being kept up to date with the latest protocols.
    3. It's great to see technologies like blockchain being used for its actual intended purpose, distributed information ledgers, and not just as a tool generate money
    4. Electronic voting is a very tricky one - I'd be interested to know more about how they solved the major issues of transparency while retaining privacy.
    5. Backup - If worst comes to the worst, say there's a solar flare that knocks out their modern infrastructure, what steps have they taken to back everything up and recover. Distributed ledgers are all well and good, but if no machines exist to read them, well...

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    @LonM You raise some important issues.
    1 We were promised country wide Fibre Internet Highway in the early-mid 2000's. It's worse, but much more expensive, now than then (speaking from Canada)
    2 Means spending lots of time and $ on admin functions to ensure everything works as new protocols are introduced
    4 Agreed
    5 Since a lot of the internet is dependent on satellite coms your point is a good one

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