Vivaldi won't open

  • SInce my last windows 10 update I can't get Vivaldi browser to open..... except once in a great while... i have a Dell XPS with 32 GIGs of ram and an intel 3.10 GHz processor it was Fast in windows 7 and Fail in Windows 10, are there any new updates to resolve this or do i have to resort to Mozzila?

  • Moderator

    May be you should use the 32bit version of Snapshot 1.0.340.7, the 64bit is experimental and is not as stable as 32bit.

    May be something with the profile is wrong.
    For a test: Try to start with a temporary fresh profile. That can be done by starting with a commandline parameter in DOS-Box:
    vivaldi.exe –user-data-dir="%TEMP%\VIVI-TEST"

    If that works, something in you original profile is broken.
    Open "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Vivaldi\User Data\Default" in Explorer
    Delete the files starting with Last …
    Delete the files starting with Current …
    Start Vivaldi


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