How long does it take for Vivaldi to cotton on with tab audio?

  • I've complained for such a long time that the audio icon on the right of a tab was incorrect and that it should be on the left as in Opera. No one at Vivaldi seems to give a damn about this issue and they continue to use the right of the tab. So what? Well shouldn't it be obvious where another big problem lies with this issue? Look how close the audio icon is to the 'X' close of the tab!!! So what can now easily occur when you attempt to turn off the sound in a tab? OOPS I just closed a tab! Now if Vivaldi had listened to me and copied Opera you wouldn't have such a lame issue to deal with right now. I'm so surprised Vivaldi don't use their common sense at times when they have such talents. I can just look at a browser or a piece of software and find the flaws in literally seconds so why can't these teams of developers do the same? Reminds me of a trumped up Linux distro that looks great but I found serious flaws within minutes and I think well how come this development team didn't after doing such a lot of work on the project? What are these people paid for other than for acting silly on social media all day (Ruari and his toilet pictures, Olafura and his anti-Russia propaganda from Washington lunatics)? Jon von Tetzchner is spending a lot of his own cash right now so it's about time it was spent wisely. Lets hope the speed-dial gets sorted where it don't lose its dials before this browser is rushed into final.

  • Moderator

    The UI needs refinement. The issue of the position of the audio icon is already reported. It is really too near to the close icon.
    I dislike the position of the audio icon, too.
    They will fix it.

    And if you are such a good second-fast bug finder, why dont you show us a CSS patch for the tabs's UI? Be better than the dev team.

    Please stay calm, complaining about devs in such a mannor will not help, you may be ignored if you start such bullying.

  • Vivaldi Team

    The latest snapshot should improve the positioning. It's not forgotten, and we do read forums and use the browser ourselves, so we're aware of the problem 🙂

  • New audio icon on the left of a tab is way better now.

  • its nice to finally see Vivaldi listening to the audio tab icon needs as I've had to harp on for months for them to move the icon to the left of the tab.


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