Snapshot 1.0.340.7 - Silent Tabs For Users, Netflix support and HTML5 notifications

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi y'all, Today's snapshot introduces a new feature, something we internally call “Silent Tabs For Users”—an easy way to kill annoying sounds in the browser. We also added Netflix support, HTML5 notifications and of course fixed a bunch of bugs. //Christian - Vivaldi Technologies

  • About the Netflix support, I'm getting the error M7355-1203 here. I already have the chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra, as it tells me in the change log.

  • Sorry Netflix totally doesn't work on ubuntu 14.04

    Extreme annoyance ensues. :S

  • 😕

  • It does work.
    After carefully read hidden description in Changelog of:

    You need a special patched version of ffmpeg from:

    vivaldi-snapshot-ffmpeg-codecs-47.0.2526.59-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz (you need a different version for Beta)

    Unpack and move with "install /opt/vivaldi-xz…" (install to make it executable)

    Further you need a installation of Chrome, not Chromium, on you system for
    There is a dead link in your vivaldi installation directory if Chrome is missing.

    You can download all files from my dropbox too:

    May you have to change owner of the file.

    Cheers, mib
    EDIT: Try this on other system and copy files is not enough, you need a full Chrome installation. 😕

    Opensuse 13.2/64
    CPU Intel T4200
    4 GB Ram
    GPU Intel GN 965

  • Where do ypu place the *.so files on a linux system?

  • Hi, on my system they are in /opt/vivaldi-snapshot may different in other distros.
    Search for vivaldi-bin and copy the .so files in the same directory.

    Cheers, mib

  • And are you guys using netflix without a problem?

  • Hi gbj1301, yes work fine here.

    Cheers, mib

  • Netflix is working fine here as well on Linux Mint 17.3, which is based on Ubuntu 14.04. So one should be able to get both to work.

    Here's my story in Linux:

    1. Installed Chromium.
    2. I noticed Chromium can't play Netflix because it lacks the non-open source package Widevine Content Decryption Module (CDM), which is included with Chrome.
    3. So I installed Chrome. Netflix started working.
    4. I then installed Vivaldi. Netflix is working here as well.

    Edit: I now see mib2berlin's helpful replies above. As for me, I only took these steps, not doing anything with a patched ffmpeg. It also seems to be a more robust method for some, and simple enough to do. But sure, you do taint your system with Chrome. 😛

  • Same here but on Arch and Vivaldi-snapshot always failes playing on netflix 😞

  • Hi gbj1301, same here meant:
    You have a patched ffmpeg lib installed?
    You have a full Chrome installed?
    Does Chrome work with Netflix?

    Cheers, mib

  • I have vivaldi-snapshot-ffmpeg-codecsvith vivaldi-snapshot. I have chromium installed and netflix works in chromium.


  • Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp… I've made my own separate posts about my ongoing Netflix - Vivaldi pain, but nobody replied, so maybe in this thread i'll learn how to finally solve this.

    My scenario is broadly similar to northgrove, except that i had no happy ending. My Linux Mint x64 17.3 KDE OS runs the latest Chromium, & Vivaldi, browsers [& many others]. Every now & then i reinstall Chrome & reconfirm that it plays NF fine, but equally often in between times i remove Chrome again coz i just feel so bad about having it inside my box. Last night was another of those cycles… exasperation at no NF on Chromium & V, so reinstalled Chrome [this time Dev, not Stable] & verified it happily NF's along. Then i discovered this thread, got excited but confused at mib2berlin's advice, but was encouraged by northgrove's experience.

    Pls, kind souls, what exactly do i have to do, to successfully & reliably watch NF on V in Linux (I already know it's good in V in Win10, but i don't want to use that if possible; i wanna stay with Linux]? Does the solution mean i must just learn to live with Chrome on my SSD? Even if yes, why is NF in my Linux V not currently working [Error Code: M7355-1203], given Chrome is installed & working? Thank you.

    PS-1 - Another of the failed things i tried last night, with both browsers shut, was to temporarily replace V's instance of "" with Chrome's one, in the corresponding directories. Even after rebooting, it made no difference, so i reverted to V's one, & crawled back into the cupboard.

    PS-2: I've now followed mib2berlin's link [& immediately got confused/worried that despite it initially purporting to be a Google link, i ended up at something different-looking whose integrity is unknown to me;], downloaded vivaldi-snapshot-ffmpeg-codecs-48.0.2564.48-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz & its sig file, browsed to the Google Public Key at , imported it into my GnuPG, launched Kleopatra to verify the file integrity, but only getting:


    Now i'm stuck – on principle i'm unwilling to work with any unknown files i download if i can't assure myself of their integrity. Gosh i've fallen deep down in this dark rabbit hole. :unsure:

  • Well you need Widevine Content Decryption Module plugin that chrome provides, as seen in vivaldi://plugins
    About error code [Error Code: M7355-1203], I got that first when I installed the plugin because I forgot to shut down vivaldi while I installed google-chrome.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  • Also regarding [herecura] using I get no gpg errors on Arch if that is any help, everything from him is running smooth and seems legit.

  • Hi, I followed link and description from
    Link is in changlogs, a bit hidden.

    Cheers, mib

  • @gbj1301:

    Well you need Widevine Content Decryption Module plugin that chrome provides, as seen in vivaldi://plugins
    … Hope this helps 🙂

    Thanks. This is what's already in my V:


    …vs this is what's in [ugh] Chrome Dev [it's clearly a newer version]:


    I'm about to attempt the [excruciating-looking] procedure referenced by mib, though i must have rocks in my head –> even if i get it to work this way, does it mean that it will break again EVERY time another SS arrives, meaning i'll have to repeat this ad nauseam? I can understand why most of the world sticks with Windows rather than Linux... although despite these hassles i am still glad i left Windows a couple of years ago.

  • I copy/paste Vivaldi settings in /opt whenever a new version arrives. So you have Widevine and now also ffmpeg-snapshot installed and netflix syill wont play? Does it play in Chromium?

  • Thank you gbj1301 & mib. I've been battling this for the past couple of days & nights, on & off. Finally i do now have NF working in V-SS [latest one, ie, 1.0.377.10 (Developer Build) dev (64-bit) Chrome/48.0.2564.71] – yay/phew. I won't bore you with all the many incorrect detours, wrong directions, flat tyres, engine failures etc experienced on this "fun" journey, suffice to say they were many. All i will say is that in the end, the key point proved to be my misunderstanding/error about what flavour of Chrome had to coexist on the SSD. Now, finally, i realise that it MUST be Stable, & the myriad problems i experienced prior to that were coz silly me had installed Chrome-Dev & imagined that would have also been fine. It wasn't. Once i realised, removed C-Dev & replaced with C-Stable, things finally began going my way. What a lot of fun! Thanks again.

    PS - Oh, yeah, despite the V-SS NF success, ole Chromium still stubbornly refuses to cooperate… just a never-ending In principle i'm annoyed & offended by this intransigence, but in practice i'm now so frazzled that i don't care anymore [well, i do, but will just have to let it go…]. .


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