Importing mail from Opera

  • Hello, I used Opera mail for years. Seeing that Vivaldi will have a mail client integrated at some time or other, I still use the Opera mail client under Linux Mint now. I hope that when the mail client finally arrives in a stable state it will be feasible to import the Opera mail accounts, address book and database directly into Vivaldi. What are your plans in this respect? Regards H. Stoellinger (faithful Opera user!)

  • Moderator

    As Vivaldi is seen as a good substitute for Opera 12, it will have import of Opera 12 mail data.

    Currently the Vivaldi mail client is not ready for users, but internally tested and refined.

  • Thanks a lot for the very prompt answer! I am looking forward to moving to the Vivaldi mail client and hope it will be availabe soon. How about a super Xmas present?
    Regards from Salzburg
    H. Stoellinger 😉


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