Around the world - No. 4

  • This challenge should be quite easy, despite you can see only a small detail of a much larger construction. Be aware there are similar places in the world ... [url=][img][/img][/url] I'd like to know what you would see if you look to the west from the point where I took the photo. Have fun ­čÖé

  • I considered where you live, and then tried to see what is written on the locks and fence (that did not help with various languages being visible).

    I compared to the other styles and sizes of fence, and each site is distinctive.
    The grey-green paint and size of the panels give it away.

    So I am fairly sure your westerly view would be very gothic and very pointy

    Cologne Cathedral twin spires

  • Cologne's Bridge of Locks over the Rhein

  • That was fast ­čśâ

    Yes it is the Hohernzollernbr├╝cke (English Wikipedia, longer article in the German Wikipedia), since about 2008 sometimes called "padlock bridge", in Cologne and you can indeed see the cathedral if you look to the west.

    Here the bridge in Street View (Just wait, it is a 360┬░ sphere which takes some time to load. Don't click on the street view icon because you will then see a tunnel ­čśâ )
    O12 users: Please activate flash, or you will not see the street view.

    It is a railway bridge with 2 pedestrian sidewalks and the southern fence is fully covered with those "love padlocks" since they started doing that in about 2008. In the meantime the weight of the bridge is increased by more than 40,000 padlocks with an estimated weight of 15 metric tons ­čśÄ

    PS:That region It looks especially nice at night:

  • This fashion for heavy metal decoration makes my heavy-metal heart happy.
    All the sites I found look stunning.
    It has caused the collapse of structures in Italy and France, so some thinking ahead needs to be done, or it ends up being banned and the locks are removed anyway.

    I suspect the sturdy Hohernzollernbr├╝cke can take the extra weight, but the Paris collapse last month has helped turn many against the idea.
    You can see in your photo, names and addresses from various countries, so I'm guessing many young couples on holiday have helped to

    Personally as a biker I like a quality lock, so I do also see a massive waste of time and resources going into making a now disposable item.
    It is based on an Italian novel where the lovers did it, but when the public copied it on the same bridge, they were not thinking about the fact that the rusting locks were damaging the old stone work.

    Companies that sell custom love locks, tend to claim the tradition is ancient, without considering when padlocks were invented, or that most marriage ceremonies are the origin of it.
    Publicly locking and binding 2 people together forever is the basis of all marriage.
    In older times a marriage was a very public affair, but now it is only about family and friends, so people have sought something to tell the world.

    To find where the people of older times really declared their love, you must find aged trees, where you will find the scars cut into the bark, that were once the names of 2 lovers.
    I don't think modern man can be bothered to take the time to carve into tree trunks any more, when they can just buy something pre-made.

    Philosophically and emotionally I would still opt for the old carve your names on a tree, as what do you have to look forward to ?
    The lock looks it's best when you first get it, and will only tarnish with age, until someone removes it with bolt-croppers or an angle-grinder.
    Names carved into the bark of a tree, will grow and change with age, until the tree dies.

    People have tried to find their own private love-lock site, but as soon as people spot it, any illusions of your own special place away from the crowd are gone.
    I vote for "extreme love-locking" ­čśÄ
    Put it somewhere that makes people scratch their head in wonder and amazement if they found it.

  • he he - yeah, but I don't like hurting real trees while they are growing.

    Interestingly there is an article about the "ancient" tradition in wikipedia. The special made Russian trees are a good idea IMHO ­čśÄ

    OH, btw, the "Deutsche Bundesbahn", the owner of the Hohenzollernbr├╝cke wanted to remove the locks, but not for static reasons - the modules can carry much more - but because the travelers sight on the Rhine is blocked to the south by the locks. After a public outcry they decided against it, but applying the locks is only allowed at the southern side of the bridge.

  • In the old times, an "I love you" was more simple ÔÇŽ :whistle: ! ( and more in the mood of "sustainable development" ! )

  • I guess I'm supposed to come up with something to follow !


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