For Users with Multiple Screens (sort of a Feature Request)

  • At work, I use two large screens. While I'm browsing, I normally keep two browser windows open. I've noticed some annoyances and some missing features. Maybe fixes for these are already in the works (let me know) or they should be a topic of conversation to see if they can be implemented. Thoughts? [b]Dragging Tabs to Separate Window[/b] This must be a possibility since Chrome does it. Sometimes, I have a tab open in one browser window but I want to move it to a separate one. Right now Vivaldi cannot do this. Is there any plans to do this or am I possibly overlooking a setting to enable this? [b]Confirm Download Dialogue[/b] When I download a file, a Save dialogue pops up on the screen I choose to save from. But when the dialogue to Confirm the download (keep or cancel) comes up, it appears in both windows. When I click the "Keep" button the dialogue closes in one window but not the other. This seems like a bug to me. Has it been reported (I haven't found anything on it) or should I do it? [b]Side Panel Opens in Both Windows[/b] Sometimes the side panel opens on both windows. The only example I have been able to re-create has been when adding a new Web Panel. After the Web Panel is created, it opens in both windows.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Thanks for reporting!

    We will check it.

  • Hi,
    dragging tabs to separate window is must have. Can be done on Chrome and Firefox.


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