Jon, our founder and CEO, interviewed on video!

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi, Today an interview with Jon von Tetzchner, the Vivaldi founder and CEO was released.. He did this on his "European Vivaldi Tour" around the beta launch. This inspiring interview is part of the HYBE 2015 Advent Calendar and will give you access to the thoughts and inspiration that lead to the Vivaldi browser we all enjoy today, and the browser it will end up becoming: //Christian - Vivaldi Technologies - Take your browser back!

  • Moderator

    Nice to see Jon talk about peer to peer aspect of the web. I hope that means we will see something like Opera Unite one day. In my opinion it was of the stand-out features of Opera that had great scope for development when it was scrapped.

    I found it useful for letting forum users send me their files of any size without concerns of sharing them publicly on a forum or DropBox link.

  • It would be nice to have a different access point to this video for us people who refuse to use flash video as we cannot view the interview.

  • How tall is he? either he is too tall or she is too short, she had to hold the mic up in the air.


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