[Improvement] Search Bar overlapping page

  • Heyhey, i would like to suggest, to give the search bar (ctrl+f) its own space, moving the loaded site down for the place the search needs. At the moment, when you search (ctrl+f) the bar overlaps most of site navigation bars. So you have to click away the search bar, if you want to click a link/button on the site's top. Sometimes it even covered it up completely, and i ended up looking for the §(/%$& navigation of the site, until i finally realized it was there all the time, but just overlapped by the search. Would give it 4 thumbs up (including the feet), if this would be implemented. best regards, Vayu

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    The recent snapshot 1.0.334.3 already changed exactly that behavior to what you're asking for. ("VB-5475 Find-in-page bar overlaps page content")

    (You can get the most recent development snapshots from the vivaldi.net main page– click on the Vivaldi Community link in the top left and click the link on the right of that page under where it says "Latest Snapshot".)

  • ah thanks for the info … too bad i cant use the snapshot, because of the black/blank pages bug :(

    gotta wait then...

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    You tried the latest snapshot, and got a black/blank pages bug? What, something like what I described here? (As described in that thread, I was able to work around that by creating a new profile.)

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    Not everyone has the black/blank pages bug. I don't.

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    Ah, I see, you mean what's mentioned by cyro, Segaist, and vayu in the Snapshot 1.0.334.3 team blog thread. It sounds like it may be somewhat different than what I previously experienced – I see no mention of flickering or UI elements blacking out.

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    Hi all,

    the "black/blank pages bug" is known, we can reproduce it now and working to fix it. Stay tuned! :-)

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