Feature Request: Support upgrading from Presto Opera to Vivaldi. (3 week remaining to implement thi)

  • Hello all, When Opera created it’s blink engine, it was not possible to upgrade from Opera 12 without loosing passwords and Search engines. I thought that one day I would be able to use Opera Link with blink Opera and perform data transfer. I was wrong, Opera Link will be shut down in three weeks. As usual with the new Opera management, their migration tool to Opera Sync only transfer bookmarks, the remaining will be lost. Still today, not being able to transfer my browser data is the major thing that prevent me to to go on the new Google Drive. Unlike browser files where you don’t have the source code necessary to read the .dat files, the [url=http://www.opera.com/docs/apis/linkrest/]Opera Link ᴀᴘɪ is public[/url] So their is a few day remaining to provide a unique way for Presto Users like me to really upgrade to an another browser. Moreover, the browser that aim at re‑implementing features of classic Opera like tab Preview. Their should be no legal risk of unfair competition since Opera choose to not allow this. You’ll simply providing something that Opera users want and Opera Software refuse to produce. Hope you’ll read this soon enough.

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    The idea is cool but I don't think there's enough time.

    Edit: After a quick look the open API only allow reading data that Vivaldi Import can already read.

  • Clearly, you currently don't have the source code for a direct migration.

    Let’s create a unique chance to upgrade even if it would be operational for 2 or 3 days.

    By the way how do I use Vivaldi import with Opera Link ?

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    You click the Vivaldi icon -> File -> Import Data

    There you choose Opera and it will import your Opera installation. The only two things that are missing are importing the search engines and the Speed Dial.

  • I think you forgot
    typed history
    content blocker rules
    bookmarks bar

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    Good suggestions.

    But Vivaldi doesn't have a content blocker so it makes no sense to import such data.


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